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Job Description

[RPA Developer Job Description]:

Responsible for designing, developing, testing, and implementing RPA solutions to automate business processes within an organization. They work closely with business analysts and stakeholders to understand the process requirements and then use RPA tools like Power Automate to create efficient and accurate automation workflows.

[Key Responsibilities]:

*Analyze business processes and identify opportunities for automation.

*Design and develop RPA bots using Power Automate.

*Collaborate with business analysts to document process workflows and requirements.

*Conduct testing and debugging of automation solutions to ensure accuracy and reliability.

*Implement and deploy RPA solutions to production environments.

*Provide ongoing support and maintenance for existing RPA bots.

*Monitor the performance of RPA bots and make necessary improvements.

[RPA Developer Qualifications]:

*Bachelor's degree in Computer Science or related field preferred.

*RPA certifications in Power Automate and/or UiPath.

*Experience in RPA development.

*Programming skills (e.g., C#, Python).

*Business analysis and problem-solving abilities.

*Strong communication and collaboration skills.