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FMCG Job Vacancies

Is a line or work in FMCG jobs interesting to you? If you are currently searching for one, we are here to make your search for FMCG jobs easier. Whether you are a fresher in the industry or have had enough exposure in the professional realm, searching for a job is equally time-taking. So, here we bring you some information on what the FMCG industry holds for aspiring job seekers as well as some tips on how to make your search for FMCG jobs in India more efficient.

✅ Which are the top companies for FMCG jobs in India?

Hindustan Unilever Limited: Among the top-most names in FMCG comes Hindustan Unilever Limited (HUL). It has an extremely wide range of brands and sub-brands under its name selling products such as soaps and detergents, personal care, beverages, and so on.

Popular employment drives: Student opportunities such as Unilever Future Leaders Program, Unilever Internship Program and Executive Trainee Program.

Nestle: As a leader in FMCG, not just in the Indian market but across the world, Nestle makes for a large portion of the market. Everything from beverages to cereals to confectionaries, milk products to prepared dishes and cooking aids, it has a huge consumer base.

Popular opportunities: Young Talent Development Program, a 12-month program where the participants undertake projects that are critical to the business/function in which they operate.

Amul: One of India’s most beloved brands, Amul has been maintaining a long-time presence in the FMCG sector through its range of milk and dairy products as well as interesting advertising. It believes in enhancing the quality of life through nutrition in products.

Popular opportunities: Marketing, business and supply chain management.

Godrej: A top name in the home care, hair care and personal care segments, Godrej’s range of FMCG offerings have been used and trusted by the Indian market for many years. Across these segments, Godrej is leading not only in the Indian market, but various others in parts of Africa, Latin America and Indonesia as well.

Popular opportunities: Godrej on campus for student recruitment.

ITC Limited: A multifaceted brand in terms of the range of sectors it delves into, ITC holds a prominent name in the FMCG sector as well. Its FMCG portfolio includes packaged foods, personal care, lifestyle retailing, incense sticks, safety matches and cigarettes.

Popular opportunities: Sales, marketing, HR.

P & G: A prominent global name in the FMCG sector, P & G (Procter and Gamble) offers a variety of products in personal care and household care. The company’s motive of improving consumers’ lives in even small yet meaningful ways, every day, is what it expects from its employees too.

Popular opportunities: Administrative, marketing/brand management, communications, consumer & market knowledge, engineering, finance & accounting, IT, manufacturing, sales.

Britannia: Britannia has been a believer of transferring the goodness of ingredients into their products, and ultimately to their consumers’ lives. Its core message - ‘eat healthy, think better’ - rings throughout its choice of product range and advertising.

Popular opportunities: Sales, marketing, R&D, quality, exports, supply chain, finance, legal and IT, HR.

Colgate-Palmolive: The Colgate-Palmolive name is a unification of two different brands that came together to improve the lives of their customers. Across their products, they cover a range of products for personal care, lifestyle and beauty.

Popular opportunities: Analytics, customer Service & logistics, finance, HR, IT, legal, R & D, sales and marketing, supply chain and manufacturing.

Marico: Built with the idea ‘we work only to contribute to people’s lives’, Marico’s longstanding offerings include products in hair care, beauty and household items. Marico doesn’t believe in having employees, but fellow members, who share its goal of enhancing lives.

Popular opportunities: Management trainee program and summer trainee program.

Dabur: Last but not the least, Dabur is India’s household name in the FMCG sector. Over its many years of service, it has come to be one of the most trusted and largest names in the health care, personal care, skin cares and beverages segments.

Popular opportunities: Campus Bridge for student placements.

✅ Which are the top cities for FMCG jobs?

Once you know which companies have the best scope for your desired FMCG jobs, find out which cities they are located in. A job seeker can find FMCG jobs in Bangalore, Pune, Chennai and Noida among others. If your top favourites are in another city and you’re open to relocating, there is nothing better. Here is a list of the best cities for FMCG jobs:

✅ How to search for FMCG jobs?

Searching for FMCG jobs, just like any others, can be a bit taxing without the tips to get it right. Below we cover some of the most important points that can drastically change your job-hunting experience. We hope you incorporate them in your search and find an opportunity that is meant for you.

Research: In order to get a good start with your job search, you must begin with a good research. Study about the various prospects available in FMCG, and which FMCG jobs are best suited to your skills. Based on them read up on the companies that offer the best growth and stable future for you. Make a list of the top companies in your preferred domain and start applying to whichever FMCG jobs you find most relevant to your skill set. However, if you already have experience in the field, you can look up the companies which offer you better growth opportunities in the same.

Resume: The resume is your key to landing interviews. A well-crafted resume holds the first level of success in your job search. First, make sure you know what all is relevant for your resume. Once you have that information figured out, pick a resume format that suits your need – which means choose a format that lets you highlight parts of your resume that you want to be noticed first. Avoid unnecessary styling and keep your information reader-friendly.

Professional network: With a network of the right people, your job hunt can become a lot faster. You can start growing your circle by joining a professional networking site and connecting with professionals and recruiters from the industry. You can also register yourself with online job portals where you get regular updates on the latest job openings. Keeping tabs on the career section of company websites is another way to be on the lookout for potential job opportunities.

Application: Use your application process to your full potential. This is where you can showcase your written communication skills and build a rapport with the employer. Since every job today requires excellent written and verbal communication abilities, this is the opportunity to boost your candidature. 

Interview tips: Now, we come to the next set of your overall communication skills. Not only must you work on your speaking skills, but also with various body language gestures such as handshakes, postures, etc. be dressed in a formal attire unless you’re interviewing for an advertising or design agency.

Now that you have a fair idea about the FMCG industry and how to reach the right opportunities in the same for you, your search for FMCG jobs should become a lot faster. This should take you forward in achieving the career goals you have set for yourself. Start your search for FMCG jobs today.