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Job Vacancies in Singapore

Singapore is known to have one of the most business-friendly economies. It is an economic and financial hub in Southeast Asia. Due to lower tax rates and advanced infrastructure, Singapore attracts many mass employers from foreign countries. Singapore also offers jobs for outsiders as around 44% of the country’s total workforce is from foreign countries. 

People from various Asian countries often visit Singapore for occupational purposes. Termed as a developed country, Singapore has a low unemployment rate. There are many jobs in Singapore for freshers, outsiders, and experienced professionals. Read on to know more about searching for jobs in Singapore.  

✅ Why is Singapore described as one of Asia’s economic “Tigers”? 

‘Four Asian Tigers’ is a term given to the economic powerhouses in Asia. It is also known as the ‘Four Asian Dragons’ and refers to the economies of Singapore, South Korea, Hong Kong, and Taiwan. Singapore acquired the title of ‘Asian Tiger’ due to its economic growth rate and its consistent growth over the decades.  

Since the 1960s, Singapore has shown a steady economic growth rate and deserves to be called one of the Asian Tigers. Not to forget that this island-city nation is also a developed country.  

✅ What kind of work culture should you expect in Singapore? 

Singapore has a supportive work culture and attracts employees from various parts of the world. MNCs and IT firms from the European continent will follow the western work culture in Singapore. Local Singaporean firms and other firms are affected mainly by the Asian culture. The workforce of Singapore possesses rich diversity with people from different cultures. You can find a job according to the western time zone or the local time zone in Singapore. Jobs in Singapore have a perfect blend of Western and Asian culture.  

✅ Which skills are among the highest rewarding ones in Singapore corporate environment? 

One can search for high-paying Singapore job openings on the foundit.com.ph. It is a reputed job board that will list down the genuine job openings in Singapore. However, high-paying jobs also demand some specific skills and competencies.  

Some of the top skills that can hand you a lucrative job opportunity in Singapore are as follows:  

  • Computer networking  
  • Marketing skills  
  • Data analytics  
  • Business development skills  
  • Food & beverage expert  
  • Supply chain management  
  • Electrical engineering  
  • Civil engineering  

✅ What type of white-collar jobs are easily available in Singapore? 

Singapore is a centre for IT, accounting, and other white-collar industries in Southeast Asia. While searching for jobs in Singapore via foundit, you can apply a search filter to view jobs from any particular industry. Due to its ease of doing business, many employers shift to Singapore and operate business processes. Some of the top white-collar jobs that are readily available in Singapore are as follows:  

  • Software Engineer  
  • Civil Engineer  
  • Java Developer 
  • Accountant  
  • Administrative Assistant  
  • Principal Cloud Architect  
  • IT Lead Product Analyst  

These white-collar jobs are easily available in Singapore due to the greater number of job openings by various employers. You need to have the required qualifications and skills to get these white-collar jobs in Singapore.  

✅ What is the minimum academic qualification required for getting a good job in Singapore? 

The minimum academic qualification required for getting a job in Singapore is a 12th pass certificate. However, with only a 12th pass certification, you will only be able to apply for a few jobs in Singapore like cashier, warehouse worker, etc. Even if you are only 12th pass, you need to have good communication skills for getting a respectable job in Singapore. 

If you have a diploma, you can apply for more job roles in Singapore like digital marketing manager, business development officer, food & beverage manager, supply chain manager, etc. However, for getting a decent job offer in Singapore, it is advised to at least have a UG degree. Having a UG degree will unlock many offers for you in Singapore.  

✅ What is the scope of software engineering jobs in Singapore? 

Singapore job vacancy for software engineering can be checked on foundit by applying the ‘Job Role’ search filter. The scope of software engineering jobs in Singapore is wide, with high salaries. Some of the top types of job roles for software engineers in Singapore are as follows:  

  • Senior Software Engineer  
  • IT Lead Product Analyst  
  • Engineer Assistant  
  • Head of Pre-Sales Application Engineering  
  • Principal Cloud Architect 
  • Cloud Specialist  
  • Sales Support 

✅ How do you find and get updates related to a relevant job vacancy in Singapore? 

You can view the real-time Singapore job openings via the foundit platform. foundit also allows employers to post job openings directly via an ‘employer account.’ Since the job postings are coming directly from the employer on foundit, there is no issue with the authenticity of the job postings.  

For getting updates related to a relevant Singapore job vacancy, you can provide your email address on foundit. foundit will send you emails at regular intervals notifying you of the current job openings. It also offers resume services to improve your chances of getting a job in Singapore.  

Singapore is known for its IT sector and known for retail, marketing, hotel, and other industries. With foundit, you can search and apply for a lucrative job in Singapore.