Data Engineers

2-4 years
21 days ago
Job Description

The Data Engineering Center of Excellence has been established in the DPM team to help realize the vision of becoming a customer-centric organization, driven by a data and analytics capability that enhances customer interactions and revenue generation.

The Big Data Engineer is responsible for development and automation of Data Lake ingestion, transformation and consumption services; adopting new technology; and ensuring modern operations in order to deliver consumer driven Data Lake solutions in both on-premises and Cloud platform implementations.

The role

  • Implement request for ingestion, creation, and preparation of data sources
  • Develop and execute jobs to import data periodically/ (near) real-time from an external source
  • Setup a streaming data source to ingest data into the platform
  • Delivers data sourcing approach and data sets for analysis, with activities including data staging, ETL, data quality, and archiving
  • Design a solution architecture on both On-premises and Cloud platforms to meet business, technical and user requirements
  • Profile source data and validate fit-for-purpose
  • Works with Delivery lead and Solution Architect to agree pragmatic means of data provision to support use cases
  • Understands and documents end user usage models and requirements

Preferred skills and experience include:

  • Bachelor's degree in maths, statistics computer science, information management, finance or economics
  • At least 2 years experience integrating data into analytical platforms using patterns like API, files, XML, json, flatfiles, Hadoop file formats, and Cloud file formats.
  • Experience in ingestion technologies (e.g. sqoop, nifi, flume), processing technologies (Spark/Scala) and storage (e.g. HDFS, HBase, Hive) are essential
  • Experience in designing and building data pipelines using Cloud platform solutions and native tools.
  • Experience in Python, JVM-compatible languages, use of CICD tools like Jenkins, Bitbucket, Nexus, Sonarqube
  • Experience in data profiling, source-target mappings, ETL development, SQL optimisation, testing and implementation.
  • Expertise in streaming frameworks (Kafka/Spark Streaming/Storm) essential
  • Experience managing structured and unstructured data types
  • Experience in requirements engineering, solution architecture, design, and development / deployment
  • Experience in creating big data or analytics IT solution
  • Track record of implementing databases and data access middleware and high-volume batch and (near) real-time processing
  • PhD in Data Science, Mathematics, Statistics, Economics, Engineering, Operations Research, Computer Science desirable

Candidates must also be willing to work full onsite in Makati City.

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