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5 Popular Banking Jobs in the Philippines and How You Can Get One

Jobs in the banking sector are not only high-paying, but they also provide ample learning prospects with a vast scope for growth. As a newly industrialised country in Southeast Asia, the Philippines is one of the emerging markets in the world.

With an economy that is transitioning from agro-based to manufacturing and services-based, the country has a thriving banking system encompassing many types of banks, ranging from large universal banks to small rural banks. If you are looking for banking jobs in the Philippines, here is a list of the popular banking jobs.

  1. Bank Teller
    Bank tellers are banking professionals who directly deal with customers and answer their queries. They are also known as cashiers or customer representatives in some banks. Their responsibilities include assisting customers with transactions involving deposits, transfers, and withdrawals.

  2. Investment Banker
    A very lucrative career option, investment banking jobs entail facilitating complicated financial transactions on behalf of clients. Investment bankers are essentially corporate financial advisors and are also responsible for issuing securities as a means of raising capital.

  3. Loan Officer
    Loan officers are employees of a bank or any other financial institution and are responsible for advising clients who apply for a loan. They need to possess a comprehensive knowledge of loans and banking industry rules and regulations. Loan officers could be mortgage loan officers, commercial loan officers, loan collection officers, and consumer loan officers.

  4. Relationship Manager
    In a bank, a relationship manager is the one who primarily deals with retail customers. They are responsible for offering banking and financial advice to clients and are required to have sound financial knowledge. Relationship managers are required in both the retail and corporate banking sectors.

  5. Internal Auditor
    Internal auditors in a bank are responsible for ensuring that the internal audit measures are effective. They evaluate the internal processes, controls, and business operations of every area, including retail banking and investment banking.

 How to get a banking job?

To get an entry-level banking job, a candidate needs to possess at least a bachelor’s degree. It is advisable for those aspiring to join the banking sector to acquire some relevant experience through internships while still in college.

Banking jobs are highly competitive and even though a junior employee can move to senior positions without a master’s degree, it is highly recommended to get one to improve your prospects. If you have the basic qualifications to apply for banking jobs, here is what you need to do:

  • Decide what banking jobs you would be interested in – As a fresh graduate who aspires to build a career in banking, you first need to decide which roles you are interested in. Do you want to be an investment banker, equity analyst, relationship manager or any other role in the banking industry?

  • Get the necessary certifications – While a bachelor’s degree is the bare minimum qualification for banking jobs, you can acquire additional certifications to improve your prospects. Getting additional certifications is especially important if you are considering a career switch to banking from a non-banking career.

  • Create a job-winning resume – You need a solid resume to make a good impression on the recruiter. It is a good idea to hire a professional resume writing service to put together a job-winning resume for banking jobs.

  • Apply for suitable banking jobs – You can look for banking job openings on online job portals like Monster.com and search for your preferred job roles. You can also talk to your friends or people in your network who have already made a career in banking.

Achieving success as a banking professional is a dream for many. While banking jobs are lucrative and high-paying, to live a happy, well-rounded life, you need to set healthy boundaries at work to attain work-life balance.

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