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10 Most Popular Digital Marketing jobs in Philippines

digital marketing jobs
A lot of firms/enterprises have shifted to a digital medium, thus creating a lot of digital marketing jobs in the Philippines. Technology is being used for easing the processes & businesses have to cope-up with the changes.

The digital marketing industry is also on an uphill in the Philippines due to the age of digital transformation. A lot of digital marketing agencies have been set up in the Philippines in recent years which provide various digital marketing services like content management, digital operations, social media management, etc.

Let us see the ten most popular digital marketing jobs in the Philippines.

  1. Digital Marketing Manager

    Digital marketing managers are responsible for managing digital campaigns. They create a timeline and milestones for the digital promotion of any product/service. In a You need to have excellent presentation & communication skills to become a successful digital marketing manager in the Philippines. Digital marketing managers help their clients in long-term campaigns as well as in managing

  2. Content Manager/Strategist 

    Content managers help in managing the digital content of their clients. They work closely with the SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) team to create SEO friendly digital content for their clients. They are also responsible for the type & quality of content that is put up on the brand’s social media handles.

  3. Virtual Reality Editor/Developer

    The demand for VR (Virtual Reality) products has grown in recent years, thus needing expert professionals who can create VR advertisements. You need to be good at VR technology, graphics, special effects, simulation, etc. if you are dreaming of becoming a VR developer in the Philippines.

  4. SEO/SEM Team

    SEO team finds out the most used keywords by consumers and tries to incorporate those keywords in the digital content of their clients. The SEO team also performs research on customers of any particular geographic location as per the client’s requirements. SEM (Search Engine Marketing) team also implements various paid strategies to appear in search.

  5. Analysts

    Customer data needs to be analysed to predict market trends & demands. Data analysts in the digital marketing sector perform data analysis to find out the best digital marketing strategies. Data analysis can also help in targeting audiences based on age group, geographic location, etc. The recent innovations in data analysis due to AI, IoT (Internet of Things), etc. have made it more effective. You can assess your skills and should know about different types of digital marketing jobs to choose the best suited.

  6. UI/UX Designer

    User Interface (UI) designers help in creating a simple/interactive interface for their client’s mobile and web applications. UX (Customer Experience) also helps in deciding the way consumers can interact with your products/services.

  7. Email Marketing

    Email marketing professionals are responsible for managing customer engagement via mail. They launch Email campaigns, maintain the customer database, handle customer queries, etc. Customers can get to know about the new services, discounts, latest updates, etc. of any firm via mail and they can feel connected to the brand.

  8. Social Media Manager

    Social media managers handle the presence of their client’s brand on different social media platforms like Facebook, YouTube, etc. The main roles of a social media manager are to increase customer engagement & notify consumers about the brand’s products/services.

  9. AI Specialist

    A lot of digital marketing processes are being automated for cost optimization & to save human resources. Chatbots are being made which can chat with the customer and can solve their queries. AI can also help in uploading the digital content to a digital platform automatically & regularly.

  10. Brand Marketers

    Brand marketers help in establishing brand trust among consumers. They also compare their product/service with competitors and try to improve it. Logo designing & brand events are also done by brand marketers. They also perform research about the brand reputation in the market and try to increase it.

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