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Top 9 Jobs for People who Love to travel

Are you a wandering spirit grounded by a desk job? People who love to travel are often frustrated because they lack the time or means to take off as and when they please.

But what if your job involved travel? You could see the sights after work, meet new people after meetings and, best of all, satisfy your wanderlust on the company tab.

Whether you’re just starting out, or considering a career shift, it’s never too late to find a job you can trip on.

9 Best Career Picks for People who Love Travelling:

1. Pilot/Flight attendant

An obvious pick for keen travelers, it’s a glamorous, exciting and well paying profession. Although training is expensive, the investments are easily recovered when one begins working. A pilot who is starting out can expect to make as much as Rs 1.5 lakh a month while senior pilots may draw Rs 5 lakh upwards.

Pilot jobs

You’ll be discovering new cities, staying in luxury hotels and making enough money to live it up! On the flipside, pilots and flight attendants work grueling hours which can be exhausting.

2 Sailor

Another obvious choice. Sailors need to spend long months away from home—a perk if you are a travel addict. The pay is good too—a Third Officer in the merchant navy, a relatively junior rank, can expect a starting salary of around Rs 1.5 lakh per month, while a Captain takes home Rs 6 lakh upward. The income is tax free if you spend over 182 days outside the country.

There is a downside — you’re on duty all days of the week and can be called any time of the day or night during an emergency.

sailor jobs

But you don’t have to be a sailor to get a job on a ship. Cruise liners are like floating towns and have everything from bartenders and chefs to fitness instructors and accountants. So you can explore job opportunities on a cruise liner even if you aren’t a seaman. The job comes with the added bonus of living in a truly multicultural environment aboard a ship.

3. Diplomat

The Indian Foreign Service (IFS) attracts some of the country’s best talent. IFS officers are tasked with duties such as representing India in their country of posting, protecting India’s interests abroad, and negotiating bilateral and multilateral agreements.

Candidates undergo a gruelling selection process after which they begin their careers as Third Secretaries abroad.

diplomat job

A career in the IFS is among the most sought after in the country because of the prestige attached to it. And it’s recession-proof since a country will always need diplomats.

4. Auditor

If you combine a love of numbers with a strong urge to travel, this could be an excellent career option. Auditors are people who check a company’s accounts and certify that they are accurate. They could be either internal or external, the former on the payrolls of the company and the latter independent firms hired by organizations on a contractual basis.

auditor jobs

Auditors generally travel across cities examining the accounts books of different companies. The destinations may not be the most scenic but there are many journeys in store.

5. Consultant

Specialists in their field, they are hired by organizations for a variety of reasons including unavailability of inhouse expertise pertaining to a specific task or the need for a neutral opinion.

consultant jobs

Since consultants are domain experts, they are often required to travel across cities advising managements or implementing plans. The job of a consultant isn’t limited by subject—they may be from any field so long as they have thorough knowledge in their line of work.

6. Destination wedding photographer

The rise of destination weddings has led to the emergence of an essential allied profession—the destination wedding photographer. These photographers travel the world with the wedding party documenting the big day and events scheduled around it.

7. Sales Representative

It’s a tough job, but if you are charming, persuasive and harbour an urge to travel, this could be a viable career option.

Sales representatives are assigned territories across which they travel selling products. It’s literally living out of a suitcase, but totally worth the effort if you have a penchant for travel.

sales representative jobs

8. Travel Writer/Photographer

This is a great job for you if, along with your love for travel, you also possess a flair for writing or photography. After all, what better way to travel than to immerse yourself in a culture and pour it all out on film or paper?

On the flipside, travel journalism is less than rewarding in terms of pay. Many writers and photographers freelance and have to contribute to several magazines and websites to make a living. Combining the two skills of writing and photography, on the other hand, can prove advantageous since contributors are generally paid separately for both.

9. Tour Manager

A combination of wanderlust and administrative ability will make you perfect for this job, which involves supervising travel-related arrangements for tour groups. While a tour manager often doubles up as a tour guide, the roles are technically different.

The latter is an expert who briefs tourists about the natural and cultural heritage of an area and brings alive its stories.

S/he isn’t expected to handle logistics and management. Don’t expect a fixed salary if you opt for a career in the field: tour managers are generally paid on a per day basis. Many tour guides and managers move on to establish their own travel companies in the later stages of their career.

tour manager jobs

Remember, you don’t have to claim your annual leave to take a vacation. Just opt for a career that let’s you travel on the job.

FAQ on Jobs for People who Love to travel

Q:1 What are some jobs that allow you to travel extensively?

Answer: Jobs such as travel blogging, flight attendant, travel photographer, and tour guide offer exciting opportunities for frequent travel.

Q:2 Can I find remote jobs that cater to my love for travel?

Answer: Absolutely! Remote jobs like digital nomad, freelance writing, and online marketing allow you to work from anywhere, satisfying your wanderlust.

Q:3 How can I pursue a career as a travel blogger?

Answer: Start a travel blog, share your experiences, engage with your audience, and explore monetization options through sponsorships and affiliate marketing.

Q:4 Are there travel-related careers in the healthcare industry?

Answer: Yes, consider becoming a travel nurse or healthcare consultant. These roles allow you to combine your passion for healthcare with a love for exploration.

Q:5 What skills are essential for landing a job that involves frequent travel?

Answer: Excellent communication, adaptability, cultural awareness, and organizational skills are crucial for success in jobs that require regular travel.

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