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5 things you should know about job hopping

5 things about job hopping you should know

A few decades ago, job-hopping was considered career-suicide. Fast-forward to the today and job-hopping is actually a widely accepted practice that’s often encouraged. Though it’s earned millennials a less-than-stellar reputation with their older peers, switching things up career-wise can actually benefit you in the long run. Here’s how:

1. You’ll gain a wider skill set

Given the ever-changing nature of the modern-day workplace, changing your job every few years can be beneficial for you. With technology at the forefront of almost every industry, it’s necessary to keep yourself updated with emerging trends and practices to maintain your relevance. While a company training or external courses can help you to upgrade, picking up critical skills on the job the best way to learn. If you feel you are stagnating in your current job and are no longer able to effectively value-add, a career change might be a good option.

2. You’ll raise your salary

You shouldn’t use just this reason as an excuse to frequently swing from job to job, but joining a new company is a good way to boost your income. If you’ve been in your current role for some time, but a promotion is still not in sight, then it might be time to move to another company. However, be careful not to switch jobs only because of financial enticements. Consider the corporate culture and work environment, too.

3. You’ll be a pro team player

Being exposed to a variety of working environments will make you more adaptable to different situations. No matter which department you are in, someone with a breadth of experience can often assimilate quicker. You’ll also become adept at navigating contentious social situations, a key skill in being a resourceful team member.

4. You’ll know more people

This one is a no-brainer – naturally, the more jobs you have, the more people you’ll know.

As you climb the corporate ladder, being acquainted with the right people could be the key to clinching that job opening you’ve had your eye on. Do note that you must have worked alongside your colleagues for a considerable amount of time to build a robust network, so don’t make hasty career moves, and don’t burn bridges when leaving one workplace for another.

5. You’ll find your ideal working environment

After having worked in a couple of different jobs, you’ll begin to notice that you prefer some types of professional environments over others.

You’ll quickly discover if you live for the thrill of a fast-paced day, or if you prefer things to be slow and steady; if you like your boss to be hands-on or if you value your independence. Either way, after having spent time in a number of corporate situations, you’ll know which working style you thrive in.

That said, don’t get into the habit of leaving a job you enjoy just because you’ve been there for two years – if you like the work, the environment, the colleagues and are feeling fulfilled, there’s no reason to jump ship. Stay, and see just how far you can go.

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