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4 Key Reasons for Filipino Career Dissatisfaction

In an effort to understand why professionals across a variety of industries, experience levels, ages and salary expectations switch careers, Monster.com conducted the #IMadeTheSwitch Survey across Singapore, Malaysia and the Philippines.

The survey delves into their current employment statuses, reasons for wanting to leave their current jobs or motivations for staying on in their roles.

The results are in, and the survey found that Filipinos are discontent with their professional lives for a variety of reasons, ranging from dissatisfaction with their daily work to salary. Read on for more.

Why Filipinos are dissatisfied in their current career

It’s not the job they thought it would be

We often jump into jobs based merely on their descriptions or accept an offer based on our own preconceived notions of what the job might entail.

So discovering that a job isn’t what you thought it would be can be rather disheartening, especially when you were excited to embark on a career you thought was your dream job.

Nearly a quarter of respondents in the Philippines cited this as their main reason of dissatisfaction – perhaps pointing to the fact that companies should be more honest in their job descriptions as well as that candidates should research roles and industries before signing a contract.

They are not getting paid enough for what they do

A common gripe shared by many is not being remunerated according to one’s skill set or capabilities. In fact, 48% of Filipino professionals admitted they were underpaid. Not being fairly compensated for what you’re worth can make you feel underappreciated, unconfident, and even demoralised.

People often find themselves in situations where they agree to a salary that’s less than what they’re worth  in order to make ends meet or with a promise or idea that they’ll promote quickly. But when that doesn’t come to fruition, it’s no surprise that people are motivated to change industries in order to earn more.


Salary and financial stability of their current job could be better

In the Philippines, nearly 50% of respondents stated they would switch industries in exchange for improved financial rewards. Given that 40% of the Filipino respondents were the sole breadwinner for their family, it is easy to see how working in a place which offers its employees sound financial rewards is highly important.


They do not enjoy what they do

In instances where people accept jobs they are neither passionate about nor suited for, it’s no surprise that they don’t enjoy their work.

Perhaps they were tempted by the high salary, prestigious nature of the job or were compelled to take it up out of necessity. But if we do not enjoy our jobs, we will not be doing justice to our careers or the assignments we have been entrusted with.

Although this sentiment was stronger in other countries, 3% Filipinos did feel this way.

FAQ on Reasons for Filipino Career Dissatisfaction

Q:1 What are the common reasons for career dissatisfaction among Filipinos?

A: Filipinos often cite low salary, limited growth opportunities, unfulfilling work tasks, lack of work-life balance, and poor company culture.

Q:2 Is career dissatisfaction prevalent across all industries in the Philippines?

A: Career dissatisfaction can be found in various industries, but certain sectors, like call centers, experience higher turnover rates due to specific challenges.

Q:3 How can I improve my career satisfaction in the Philippines?

A: Focus on your interests and skills, seek professional development opportunities, and consider networking to find better-suited job roles.

Q:4 Are there any external factors contributing to career dissatisfaction?

A: Yes, factors like economic instability, job market trends, and company policies can impact overall job satisfaction in the Filipino workforce.

Q:5 Can addressing work-related issues within the company help reduce dissatisfaction?

A: Absolutely, companies can implement employee feedback systems, offer competitive benefits, and promote a positive work environment to boost job satisfaction.

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