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Quality Assurance Opening And Vacancy

Quality assurance is required to make sure that the final quality of a product is up to standard. Manufacturing defects could bring down the brand value of a company. Because of this, quality assurance jobs are available in almost every industry. The job roles and responsibilities differ greatly depending on the industry and position of the employee. However, the main responsibility of checking the performance, reliability and usability of a product remains constant. Notable quality assurance job positions include Quality Improvement Associate, Quality Auditor, Quality Assurance Manager, Quality Engineer, Quality Assurance Specialist and Quality Assurance Analyst. There are many quality assurance job opportunities for freshers and experienced personnel in the country. Quality assurance is a definite requirement for a company in order to earn an ISO certification. To find a quality assurance job opportunity, the minimum educational requirement is a Bachelors Degree. The degree can be in a computer science or an information science-related field. When it comes to software quality assurance jobs, an engineering degree is mandatory.