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HR Job Vacancies

Are you a people-person? Does it make you happy when you can maintain and coordinate groups of people in an amicable and social atmosphere? If yes, you show hints of a good HR professional. Whether you are already in the field of HR or are looking for new HR jobs, having soft skills like these is a crucial part of this field.

Let us discuss in detail what it takes to be a successful HR professional and what the requirements of landing HR jobs are.

✅ How to get into an HR Job?

Yes, you need a degree. And to get a degree in this field, you could opt for either a master's degree in business administration with a concentration in HR or you could simply go for a master's degree in HR.

While these are the basic educational requirements for HR jobs, your additional requirements would depend on the experience level and employer you go for. But, most of all, what you really need to work on are your personality and interpersonal skills.

✅ What skills are required for HR Jobs?

Listening: Only if you have the ability to listen to people's problems, can you expect to resolve them, right? So, this becomes the most essential quality you should have. When trying for a new job, you could cite instances where you were able to resolve issues by carefully understanding the problem at hand.

Project management: Handling projects is an intrinsic part of HR jobs. From working on office policies to organising events, an HR professional has multiple projects at hand. If you are a fresher, you could highlight projects you may have managed during your coursework or internships.

Proficiency in an HR software: While this only comes with experience, you could showcase your passion to learn new things if you do not have working knowledge of HR software systems.

✅ What do HR professionals really do?

Depending on your company and role, you would be required to handle multiple tasks or focus on particular areas of HR jobs - whether it is consulting with executives on strategic planning or helping the company connect with its employees.

As an HR generalist, your duties would include a number of things such as recruiting, screening, interviewing and onboarding of employees. You would also handle training, payroll, benefits, employee relations and resolution of conflicts. HR jobs also include certain administrative tasks such as planning, directing and coordinating functions of the company.

As an HR specialist, you would concentrate on specific areas of work, which could either be for recruiting or for training. Typically, large companies have HR specialists dedicated towards particular areas and services like these.

Since both these areas of HR jobs have almost similar duties, the skills and qualities required for each overlap as well. You could gain experience in both, and then choose your preferred HR path. Across these roles, you may be an HR clerk, HR assistant, recruiter, training and development coordinator or payroll specialist, among other roles.

✅ What are the various roles and responsibilities of a Human Resources person?

Some of the common duties and responsibilities involved with HR jobs are:

  • Finding out the needs of your employer for prospective resources
  • Creating and posting vacancies by understanding the exact requirements
  • Filtering potential talent, communicating with them and interviewing them based on the qualifications required
  • Performing background checks on selected candidates
  • On boarding and training new employees
  • Conducting regular employee engagement activities
  • Ensuring the work culture of your organisation is maintained
  • Resolving conflicts between management and employees
  • Managing work policies and overseeing strict adherence to them

✅ What is the scope of HR Jobs in India?

Almost every small to large organisation needs HR professionals, irrespective of the industry you choose. However, having some experience managing people from a similar industry as your next one always gives you a higher preference. For example, if you have been an HR professional with an advertising agency, you would be a better choice than say, an HR professional from an IT company, when being considered for another creative agency.

Since HR jobs are not limited by any industry, your options are wide. So, when you start looking, you have the option of choosing which industry you wish to enter. Some of the popular industries among HR professionals are hospitality, IT, finance, technology, education, healthcare, sales and administration, to name a few.

✅ How to start looking for HR jobs?

If you are a fresh or recent graduate looking for HR jobs, it is best to gain some hands-on experience with small companies before moving on to bigger ones. Working in smaller companies lets you learn the overall functions of an HR role since they mostly do not employ HR professionals in various specialist roles. This way, you would have a wider skill set when seeking opportunities with a bigger firm. Gaining experience in all areas would also help you understand where your interests lie and which specialist area you wish to continue further in the future.

So, when you apply for any HR role, focus on what type of employer and industry you want to work for. You must reflect your personal interests in choosing the company, so it shows the employer you seek a meaningful relationship in the job. Since your resume would list out only your skills and competencies for the job, your room for explanation is emails. Making use of every space intelligently is important to making yourself stand out. Right from the subject line to how you address your recipient, to your email content and signature, concentrating on each bit strategically makes a lot more difference than you think.

Personality and communication are intrinsic to the field of HR. Since HR jobs require excellent written skills, your email communication is your window of opportunity to showcase this talent. Similarly, HR professionals are expected to be professionally groomed and well-dressed at all times. So, make sure there is no hint of shabbiness in your interview round.

To summarize, compared to other professions, HR jobs have an extremely wide scope among freshers as well as experienced job seekers. If you find the right match for your HR job search, this could prove to be a very fulfilling and exciting career.