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Job Description

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Purpose of the Job

The Traffic Controller Officer of LRT1 Project oversees the Rail Vehicle movements in conformity with the overall program during the period the Transport System to be delivered is under the control of Temporary Operation.

Organisation Structure

At the time of testing, from the first energization, a specific organization called 'Temporary Operation is put in place to operate the transport system whereas it is not fully available to allow a hand-over to the operator.

The Temporary Operation Manager leads this organization to take in charge of geographical zones with electrical or collision hazard for them to control those risks.

Organisational Reporting

Reports hierarchically to the Temporary Operation Manager of the project.

Belongs to System team organization.

Network & Links


  • Project System VTA Manager

  • Project Subsystem Managers

  • EHS

  • Planning


  • Subcontractors

Transport Operator


Ensure that the train drivers and OCC operators have received the Temporary Operation training and instructions prior any works

Ensure that the train drivers and OCC operators are competent and certified for the tasks given and fit for work and establish a roster to control the fatigue

Provide to the train driver, for the manual movements: detail definition of the train movement(s) to be performed including speed and stop point before providing the start movement command

Collect from the permit to work controller, the program, and instructions to prepare the dynamic tests

Provide the day to day program and instructions to the SCADA and ATSEstablish the shifts for the OCC operators operators

Establish the shifts for the OCC operators

Manage the traffic of all type of Rail Vehicle in zones controlled by temporary operation organization

Ensure the train timetables are aligned with the test program

Issue the train mission order to the test train drivers, record which driver is on which train and the way to communicate with the driver (TETRA Radio number, mobile phone number)

Coordinate with the permit to work office for all the track access requests

Ensure that OCC/train driver communications are recorded

For test, investigation, or repair, he will request OCC operator the de-energization or the energization of the Traction Power supply upon request from the Train Driver

Coordinate with the trackside personal for the site clearance and manual turnout configuration before the execution of train movement

Report to the system Temporary Operation Manager

Follow the necessary e-learning, training, induction required for the project and for the position.


Respect to the Alstom safety standard for train movement EHS-WMS-005

Work closely with the Permit to work office

Performs works with respect to Temporary Operation process

Generate Rail Vehicle Movement plan associated with permit to work granted

Training of new drivers/ OCC operators

Performance Measurement

Temporary Operation Manager and System

VTA Manager satisfaction Creation / implementation and respect of rules during temporary operation

No accident

No collision

Knowledge / Experience:

Broad Knowledge of the railway subsystems.

Advance signalling / SCADA knowledge.

Advance rolling stock knowledge.

Experience on construction phasing, testing and operation.

At least three years experience in this domain.

Educational Requirements

Advanced University Degree in engineering

Advance safety training with certification

Behavioural and Technical Skills / Competencies

-Apply ALSTOM Discipline and Processes

-Apply Temporary Operation process

Use Judgement for coordination of the priorities in case of conflicts

-Open for discussion and dialog

-Create Enthusiasm

-Promote Teamwork

-Act as a Team Player

-Able to control Trains & T&C activities through Radio/Telephone

-Able to Report for duty, delay, incident

-Able to handle Incidents, Accidents and Implement recovery measures

Technical Skills and Competencies

-Experience on People Management

-Fluent in English writing and spoken

Knowledge of the rail environment and engineering practices

Good co-ordination and communication

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Important to note

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