Trade Cost Assistant

2-3 years
16 days ago
Job Description

  1. TMG Monitoring and Reporting
    1. Works with TMG on developing Cycle Drive reporting and publishing of regional and chains Cycle Drive performance.
    2. Publishes weekly Cycle Drive monitoring.
    3. Develops templates for consolidated TMG efforts to aid in analytics.
  2. Daily activities
    1. Generates reports from ePAW for update - a) For IO Creation, b) Epaw Monitoring, and c)
    2. Budget List, every after 3PM cut-off
    3. Emails DIT if there are approved ePAWs whose IOs have not been transmitted back to Sales Force
  3. Other activities
    1. Provides latest Trade Spend monitoring, current or last year's as requested by Sales or TMG
    2. Answers requests/consultations related to Trade Spend or Epaw through email, sms/call, or personal
    3. Attends to alignment meeting with Sales, TMG or BU as requested
    4. Monitoring of closure report
    5. Confirms with Sales if activities with ePAWs have been implemented or not for LE purposes, as requested by BU



trade spend
closure report

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