Supervision and Enforcement Lead

12-14 years
13 days ago
Job Description

Duties And Responsibilities

  • Plan and activates all and enforcement supervisory activities (e.g., asset acquisition and configuration, assessment, off-site activities, on-site activities)
  • Ensures periodical supervisory activities are performed based on defined supervisory plans to oversee regulatory compliance as well as to monitor cyber risk exposure across the organization
  • Supervises the process of defining risk treatment plans according to the outcome of the supervisory activities
  • Identifies needs to review the supervision and enforcement documents and provides inputs on possible areas of improvements
  • Reviews and shares to the Head of Office the comprehensive periodical reports including a section on compliance and cyber risk supervision activities, key findings, and cybersecurity hazards identified
  • Leads the implementation of enforcement measures to address non-compliance situations
  • Reviews and shares to the Head of Office the comprehensive periodical reports including a section on enforcement activities conducted .

Knowledge And Experience

  • Supervisory models and methodologies
  • Compliance tools and methodologies
  • Methodologies regarding the implementation of enforcement measures
  • Advanced knowledge of audit methodology
  • Understanding of cyber threat intelligence (CTI) methodology
  • Expertise on innovative audit testing activities (e.g., digital operational resilience testing based on CTI)
  • Applicable cybersecurity policies, procedures, standards, and relevant legislative and regulatory requirements
  • International and national cybersecurity regulations and requirements
  • More than 12 years experience in a mixture of the above

Educations And Skills

  • Master's or bachelor's degree in subjects such as business or public administration, cybersecurity, economics, finance, law, management
  • Conducting cybersecurity audits or reviews of technical systems
  • Designing cybersecurity test plans
  • Assessing security controls based on cybersecurity principles and tenets
  • Understanding and relating legislative, regulatory, and contractual requirements to the cybersecurity objectives of the organization
  • Experience with budget management
  • Excellent communication, interpersonal, and leadership skills
  • Strong organizational and management skills





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