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Sr. Mechanic - Motor Vehicles- Hybrid-Up to 70K-Mindanao

WeSource Management Consultancy Firm


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2-12 Years
2 months ago
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Job Description

We are looking for Asset Supervisor (Mechanic) - Motor Vehicles for our client located in Mindanao

Salary: Up to 70K

Set-up: Hybrid

Company description

Bank is a start-up fintech focused bank, focused on the under-served. Its model is to:
Partner with Fintechs, banks and non-bank lenders, who have existing client networks
Allow these partners to sign-up clients, for an origination fee, booked on Banks balance sheet. Bank would provide:
Loans to clients, so the partners can grow without raising additional capital
Deposit accounts for clients, serviced by the partner (on a white-label basis)
Technology services to the partners, allowing them more efficient processing and better client satisfaction

Provide payment services to domestic and international partners
Provide complete banking solutions for Neobanks to launch, using our system.
Bank will initially operate in the Philippines, but the business model is applicable across multiple geographies.

Bank launched in Q1 2020 and raised external funding in Q1 2023.


Provide technical recommendation to the asset manager
with the following responsibilities

1. Diagnosing Issues: Asset Supervisor must be skilled in diagnosing mechanical, electrical, and other issues with motorcycles. They use diagnostic tools, conduct visual inspections, and rely on their experience to identify problems accurately.

2. Repair and Maintenance: Asset Supervisor are responsible for recommending repairs and maintaining motorcycles to ensure they operate efficiently and safely. This includes tasks such as engine repairs, brake
adjustments, replacing worn-out parts, and performing routine maintenance like oil changes and tune-ups.

3. Electrical Work: Many modern motorcycles feature complex electrical systems. Asset Supervisor need to have knowledge of electrical components and systems to diagnose and repair issues such as faulty wiring, malfunctioning lights, or problems with the ignition system.

4. Customization and Modification: recommend Remove modifications such as stickers and other parts that may hinder sales of repo units.

5. Customer Service: Asset Supervisor interacts with Dealer partners regularly, discussing repairs, providing estimates, and explaining the work that needs to be done. Good communication skills and the ability to explain technical concepts in layman's terms are important.

6. Ordering Parts: Asset Supervisor may be responsible for ordering replacement parts and ensuring they have the necessary supplies to complete repairs. They need to have a good understanding of motorcycle parts and accessories and know where to source them.

7. Safety Compliance: Asset Supervisor must ensure that motorcycles they work on meet safety standards and regulations set by the government. This includes performing safety inspections and making sure all repairs are
done correctly.

8. Record-Keeping: Keeping accurate records of repairs, maintenance, and parts used is essential for both customer service and business operations. Asset Supervisor need to maintain organized records to track work
done on each motorcycle and ensure they can provide documentation if needed.

9. Continuous Learning: The field of motorcycle repair is constantly evolving with advancements in technology and changes in models. Asset Supervisor need to stay updated on new techniques, tools, and technologies
through training and professional development opportunities.

10. Must be willing to travel and visit the following warehouse as needed:

Bukidnon Warehouse
Davao Ervy Logistics
Misamis Tagoloan-Tempo Warehouse
Misamis Albubijid Tempo Warehouse
Metrics to monitor

Lower cost of repairs and ensure maintenance and cleanliness

Turn-around time for repossessed units.

Required skills and qualifications

At least 2 years of experience in asset recovery, automotive sales, or a related field, with a minimum of 2 years in a mechanic role in a motorcycle dealership.
Excellent leadership, negotiation, and communication skills.
Knowledgeable in excel.
Personal Attributes:

Strong analytical and problem-solving skills.
High level of integrity and professionalism.
Ability to work under pressure and meet deadlines.
Excellent interpersonal skills, with the ability to manage relationships at all levels.


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