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Job Description

It is the spirit of Bayanihan that drives us to continue our legacyof excellence and commitment to care. As an organization, we achieve our successes through good, honest, and persevering hard work - TOGETHER. It is in this way in which our company was built we progressed as the country's leading Pharmaceutical company, not by sheer luck, but by pure perseverance, integrity, and brotherhood. Grow with us, and be a part of the Bayanihan spirit.

Role Overview:

  • Monitor and resolve Security Operations tasks/tickets raised on a 24/7 basis.
  • Detect, respond to and manage security incidents to protect the data assets of the company.
  • Provide guidance and technical expertise to the different groups within Unilab.
  • Directly responsible in maintaining and implementing/operating the company's IT security systems like Email Security, Application Security, SIEM, Antivirus/EDR, Mobile Device Management, Data Leak Protection, etc.
  • Ensure all security detection and recovery and response protocols are followed and maintained up to date with the relevant industry standards.
  • Ensure that all new technologies/security solutions, services are within the monitoring and detection capability of the SOC.
  • Ensure continuous SOC services improvement.
  • Enable the strategies and programs of Security Operations of the organization

Required Qualifications:

  • Graduate of Computer Engineering, Computer Science, Information Technology or other relevant science, technical and engineering courses
  • With at least 2 years of work experience in information security/cyber security
  • Experience in working with a 24/7 operational support group.
  • Proficient in managing and or directly handling different security solutions like email security, application security, SIEM, AV/EDR, MDM, PAM, Vulnerability scanners, etc.
  • Highly analytical, a problem solver and quick decision making ability.
  • Has beginner to intermediate project management skills
  • With strong oral and written communication skills, can bridge technical data to the non-technical business units

We are committed to providing our employees with the best possible experience. As a LEARNING ORGANIZATION, we are eager to support your development and create the most fitting career path for you. As DESIGNERS AND DRIVERS OF INNOVATION, we are keen to provide you with opportunities to positively transform processes that will intensify business growth. As a NURTURING FAMILY, we are passionate about conducting programs that can promote your wellness, and help you be the best that you can be. As BELIEVERS OF OUR PURPOSE, we are and we will always remain earnest in giving meaningful tasks that will keep you delighted and fulfilled - at work and beyond.

Job Source:

United Laboratories, Inc., commonly known as Unilab, is a Philippine private pharmaceutical company. Unilab is the largest pharmaceutical company in the Philippines in terms of market share