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Job Description

Job Description:
We are seeking a highly skilled Lean Expert to join our dynamic team. As a Lean Expert the ideal candidate will be responsible for driving process improvement initiatives across all departments of our organization, and help our team meet its ongoing commitment to achieving operational excellence and delivering exceptional value to our customers.

The ideal candidate will have a proven track record of successfully leading and completing lean projects resulting in significant operational efficiencies and cost savings have extensive experience in applying lean principles and methodologies, such as value stream mapping, waste reduction, and continuous improvement have expertise in implementing common lean tools and techniques and have strong analytical skills that will be essential in identifying process bottlenecks and driving sustainable improvements.

The Lean Expert will look at all of our processes closely from a connected end-to-end perspective, understand how changing one process might affect other processes upstream and downstream, and help eliminate and/or improve siloed clunky processes and misaligned metrics & incentives.

The Lean Expert will interview current staff and review our current processes and workflows to identify the top problems and bottlenecks, prioritize which areas to improve first, and hold meetings with staff t teach and lead staff to perform Root Cause Analysis.

The Lean Expert will hold Kaizen events to involve teams of employees at every level of the company to improve specific areas of the entire company work flow, and use a democratic voting method to seek ideas and suggestions from all staff involved and encourage staff to make continuous

When performing Process Analysis and Kaizen Events, the Lean Expert will define and analyze the process through one of four lenses:
. Increase Quality
. Reduce Time
. Reduce Cost
. Reduce Frustration

The Lean Expert will prioritize and hold Kaizen Events for these Target Areas:
. Areas that do not meet customer satisfaction.
. Areas with a significant financial impact.
. Areas that take too much time or are too complicated.
. Areas causing frustration or friction between staff.
. Areas with Bottlenecks or substantial work in progress (WIP)
. Areas where everything is a mess or missing a process altogether.
. Areas not broken but would benefit from improvement.

The Lean Expert will help implement changes to processes, document those improvements, train staff on those improvements, and Enforce those improvements. The Lean Expert will use a democratic approach on the Microsoft Teams Platform to organize employees, managers, and C-level owners to map out existing processes, discuss ways these processes can be improved, and then determine action items and assign tasks within the Process Improvement scope:
. Select the team members (invite all staff members to Kaizen event).
. Set time to Hold Kaizen Event on Microsoft Teams
. Examine and map the process with Virtual Whiteboards, Kanban Boards, etc.
. Choose best ideas (everyone's ideas and suggestion to be submitted and voted on)
. Map the solutions on a Timeline (Gantt Chart) using Microsoft Project or Planner
. Implement those ideas (assign tasks to staff to implement changes & improvements)
. Verify the implementation (follow up with praise and enforcement)

The Lean Expert will help establish Standard Work and KPI's for all departments in alignment with
process improvement initiatives.

The Lean Expert will adhere to these Lean Wisdom Quotes:
. Our company is not ruled by one boss it is ruled by the best ideas and the brilliance of many,
working together to achieve operational excellence.
. A Process is Improved only when steps are Removed.
. That change didn't work, so we have successfully identified how NOT to do it, let's try again!
. Process Improvement
. A Bad Process will cause Great Productive People to turn into Bad Unproductive
. A Great Process will cause Bad Unproductive People to turn into Great Productive
. Itu0027s hard to deal with Bad Unproductive People, and hard to make a Great Process.
. Choose your hard.



Lean Expert
Kaizen events
Increase Quality
process bottlenecks
Reduce Time
Reduce Cost
Reduce Frustration
financial impact
process improvement initiatives
work in progress

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