6-7 years
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Job Description

Job Family Group:Transformation

Job Family:Change Execution

Job Purpose

Orchestrates the delivery of complex change initiatives (across Tribes, Functions, Borders and/or Business Lines) to deliver transformational change for the business.

  • Document Preparation - Write and edit material for various target populations, tailoring the tone and content to match the needs and expectations of each audience. (Level 7)
  • Financial Policies, Guidelines, and Protocols - Create a plan to deliver and review financial policies, guidelines, and protocols to ensure the company complies with regulations and good financial practice.(Level 7)
  • Information and Business Advice - Provide specialist advice on the interpretation and application of policies and procedures, resolving complex or contentious queries and issues and enabling others to take appropriate actions. (Level 7)
  • Insights and Reporting - Contribute to the design and creation of reporting strategies and templates. Lead execution of complex reports, identifying and interpreting complex patterns and trends, and translating those insights into actionable recommendations. (Level 7)
  • Operational Compliance - Monitor and review performance and behaviors within area of responsibility to identify and resolve non-compliance with the organization's policies and relevant regulatory codes and codes of conduct. (Level 7)
  • Performance Management - Develop and propose own performance objectives take appropriate actions to ensure achievement of agreed objectives, using the organization's performance management systems to improve personal performance. OR Manage and report on team performance set appropriate performance objectives for direct reports or project / account team members and hold them accountable for achieving these, taking appropriate corrective action where necessary to ensure the achievement of team / personal objectives. (Level 6)
  • Personal Capability Building - Act as subject matter expert in an area of technology, policy, regulation, or operational management for the team. Maintain external accreditations and in-depth understanding of current and emerging external regulation and industry best practices through continuing professional development, attending conferences, and reading specialist media. (Level 7)
  • Policy Development & Implementation - Develop procedures and interprets and applies policy for area of expertise to achieve specified outputs, or advise the wider business on application of policy, then monitor implementation of those procedures within the organization. (Level 7)
  • Stakeholder Engagement - Identify and manage stakeholders up to management level, finding out their needs/issues/concerns and reacting to these by leading and coordinating the development of stakeholder engagement plans to support the communication of business information and decisions. (Level 8)

  • Action Oriented - Takes on new opportunities and tough challenges with a sense of urgency, high energy, and enthusiasm. For example, encourages others to take timely action and take on new challenges with a can-do attitude. Secures new business opportunities. (Level 5)
  • Balances Stakeholders - Anticipates and balances the needs of multiple stakeholders. For example, provides guidance so that others understand the needs of different stakeholders and can balance them appropriately. Makes sure people understand and adhere to ethical standards when working with stakeholders models and ensures cross-cultural sensitivity. (Level 5)
  • Business Insight - Applies knowledge of business and the marketplace to advance the organization's goals. For example, has a sophisticated grasp of business drivers, finds new ways to increase own contribution. Stays attuned to business and industry changes, ensures own activities remain aligned to key objectives. (Level 4)
  • Collaborates - Builds partnerships and works collaboratively with others to meet shared objectives. For example, encourages coworkers and external partners to work together as a team, and makes sure they get credit for doing so. Encourages people to share their honest views, responds in a non-defensive way when they do. (Level 5)
  • Customer Focus - Builds strong customer relationships and delivers customer-centric solutions. For example, digs deeply into customer feedback and drives the innovations that can enable the organization to better meet customers future needs. Frequently adjusts approach to ensure customer needs are met and to improve service. (Level 4)
  • Ensures Accountability - Holds self and others accountable to meet commitments. For example, measures and tracks team's and own performance, and helps the team learn from success, failure, and feedback. Adheres to, and enforces, goals, policies, and procedures. (Level 5)
  • Instills Trust - Gains the confidence and trust of others through honesty, integrity, and authenticity. For example, is consistently honest and straightforward shares uncomfortable information in a clear and helpful manner. Maintains high ethical standards and professional codes of conduct. (Level 4)
  • Manages Complexity - Makes sense of complex, high quantity, and sometimes contradictory information to effectively solve problems. For example, asks questions to encourage others to think differently and enrich their analyses of complex situations. Accurately defines the key elements of complex, ambiguous situations. (Level 5)
  • Optimizes Work Processes - Knows the most effective and efficient processes to get things done, with a focus on continuous improvement. For example, motivates people to produce highest-quality outcomes and pursue continuous improvement. Sees that problems are well examined and improvements are integrated into all relevant work processes. (Level 6)
  • Situational Adaptability - Adapts approach and demeanor in real time to match the shifting demands of different situations. For example, serves as an example of adaptability and provides guidance and support to help others adapt to new situations. Considers the needs of clients, constituents, and the organization shifts priorities appropriately. (Level 5)
  • Tech Savvy - Anticipates and adopts innovations in business-building digital and technology applications. For example, is an early adopter of new technologies, technical skills, and capabilities that improve performance. Regularly experiments with and leverages technologies and tools to substantially improve performance. (Level 4)

  • Builds Customer Loyalty - Works at an advanced level to make every customer interaction positive by leaving the customer feeling understood, appreciated, and confident in the organization's ability.Typically works independently and provides guidance. (Level 4)
  • Compliance Management - Works without supervision and provides technical guidance when required on achieving full compliance with applicable rules and regulations in management and/or operations. (Level 3)
  • Customer Service Delivery - Works independently using comprehensive knowledge and skills while guiding and training others on meeting high customer service standards. (Level 4)
  • Data Collection and Analysis - Works independently and provides guidance and training to others on analyzing data trends for use in reports to help guide decision making. (Level 4)
  • Data Control - Applies comprehensive knowledge and skills to work independently while providing guidance and training to others on acquiring, organizing, protecting and processing data to fulfill business objectives. (Levelk 4)
  • Financial Accounting - Applies expertise to act as the organizational authority on classifying, measuring and recording corporate transactions using financial accounting principles. (Level 5)
  • Managing Change - Uses comprehensive knowledge and skills to work independently while providing guidance and training to others on maintaining high performance while applying a change mindset to the planning, execution and monitoring of business activities during times of change. (Level 4)
  • Numerical Skills - Uses a comprehensive understanding of numerical concepts to perform mathematical operations such as report analysis independently while providing guidance and training to others. (Level 4)
  • Planning and Organizing - Uses comprehensive knowledge and skills to work independently while providing guidance and training to others on planning, organizing, prioritizing and overseeing activities to efficiently meet business objectives. (Level 4)
  • Policy and Regulation - Works independently and provides guidance and training to others while interpreting and applying comprehensive knowledge of laws, regulations and policies in area of expertise. (Level 4)
  • Review and Reporting - Applies comprehensive knowledge and skills to work independently while providing guidance and training to others on reviewing and creating relevant, lucid and effective reports. (Level 4)




Financial Policies
Managing Change
Instills Trust
Business Insight
Ensures Accountability
Customer Service Delivery
Situational Adaptability
Numerical Skills
Personal Capability Building
Manages Complexity
Optimizes Work Processes
Balances Stakeholders
Builds Customer Loyalty

ING Business Shared Services (IBSS) Manila started in 2013 in the Philippines and provides global support services for ING Bank in areas such as financial markets, lending services, client due diligence/on boarding activities, risk management, retail operations, and IT. We are located at the World Plaza building in Bonifacio Global City, Taguig City