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Manager , Strategic Planning and Sustainability

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Head of Food Department

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FTEs and SMP in:

  • Food security & sustainability monitoring & metrics


Strategy and Food Security


NEOM Food Authority

Role Purpose

NEOM aims to change the future of food. As climate change threatens agriculture and food supplies around the world, NEOM will promote climate-positive growing solutions, novel foods, and breakthrough technologies to nourish both people and planet in a sustainable manner. It seeks to harvest the fruits of food security tomorrow by sowing the seeds of innovation today.

As a pioneering member of the NEOM Food Authority, the Manager of Strategic Planning and Sustainability will be required to:

  • Play a critical role in developing a food security strategy and roadmap so that NEOM's population will have reliable access to safe, sufficient, affordable, and nutritious food.
  • Initiate and coordinate all efforts to manage and reduce the environmental effects of NEOM Food System, by assessing environmental risk, proposing policies and rules, and set and monitoring targets.

Key Accountabilities & Activities

Core Functional


The Manager will develop strategies and action plans to safeguard NEOM's food supply over the medium- and long-term and amidst potential supply disruptions. In particular, the Manager will be required to:

Develop Food Security Strategy and Initiatives

  • Contribute to development of a 5-year Strategic Plan for the NEOM Food Authority to meet its mandates and respond to emerging challenges and opportunities in food security.
  • Identify medium- to long-term risks and opportunities for NEOM's food supply and propose policies and initiatives to address them.
  • Oversee development of crisis preparedness, management, and response processes for the NEOM Food Authority.
  • Conduct business continuity planning and scenario and contingency planning for various potential disruptions to NEOM's food supply or safety.
  • In collaboration with stakeholders, model the evolution of food demand and supply in NEOM, and have regulatory oversight of long-term capacity planning for imported and locally grown food.
  • Collaborate with Saudi agencies on food security matters (e.g., General Food Security Authority; GFSA).
  • Propose and implement initiatives to improve food security, in coordination with stakeholders (e.g., initiatives on reducing food loss and waste, enhancing consumers nutritional intake).
  • Identify and monitor food security indicators/metrics in NEOM (e.g., strategic stockpiles, consumption levels, price of vital commodities).
  • Develop and maintain a framework/dashboard for food security reporting.
  • Create an R&D agenda on important food security/food sustainability topics.

Sustainability Role:

  • Coordinate with field inspectors to assess and document food business compliance with environmental protection guidelines.
  • Analyze and communicate identified environmental risks or opportunities and propose responses.
  • Develop a regulatory framework to facilitate development of smart food technologies and incentivize R&D on sustainable agri-food innovations (e.g., regenerative farming, water-efficient food production).
  • Identify, implement, and monitor KPIs related to food sustainability and environmental protection, considering relevant Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) metrics and UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).
  • Coordinate with the NEOM Environment Department in design of regulatory requirements for FBOs.
  • Design incentives to support sustainable food business initiatives (e.g., circular economy initiatives, food loss and waste management prevention techniques, organic agriculture and environment-positive aquaculture, eco-friendly packaging, and energy-efficient mobility for food delivery).

Effectively Manage the Unit

  • Take full ownership of all Office operations.
  • Establish and validate periodic goals, track, and monitor KPIs, and propose enhancements.
  • Provide and analyze activity reporting and communicate results to the Divisional Head, Strategy, Risk and Policies.
  • Maintain knowledge of relevant national and international legislative requirements to undertake the above duties.

Transitional Activities for Developing Function Readiness

The Manager will undertake several transitory activities to operate key functions and bring the unit toward its end state. In particular:

  • Develop and implement transition plans to activate the Office on-time and on-budget.
  • Track and communicate progress with the Head of Food Department.
  • Develop effective working practices and procedures to run the unit and to communicate with key points of contact.

Background, Skills & Qualifications

Qualifications, Skills, Experience and Mindset

Knowledge, skills and experience:

  • Postgraduate degree in Sustainability Management, Food Safety, and/or Risk Analysis.
  • 10+ years experience in an analytical role related to food safety, environmental protection, resource management, or similar.
  • Excellent research, analysis, communication, and management skills.
  • A track record of executing positive sustainable change is an undeniable asset.
  • Experience in a Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) country is an asset, but not an absolute requirement.

Essential leadership and mindset qualities:

  • Ability to think both strategically and operationally.
  • Self-starter, proactive, able to deal with ambiguity and adapt to rapid change.
  • Action-oriented and pragmatic.
  • Fully understands NEOM's vision and is excited and motivated to help deliver this vision.
  • Purpose-driven and pioneering mindset.
  • Excellent analytical and communication skills.
  • Values diversity and is an inclusive team member.

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