0-2 years
21 days ago
Job Description

The lunch room supervisor is responsible for the direct supervision of students during the time designated as lunch hour.

Primary Responsibilities

  • Review and become familiar with the fire and disaster procedures for the assigned area.
  • Be prompt in reporting for work. (Hours are established by the principal).
  • Provide direct supervision over children during lunch to maximize the safety of the children and minimize instances of risk exposure.
  • Account for the proper distribution of milk.
  • Provide alert supervision during the time children are eating lunch and during the activity period.
  • Work with the principal, teachers, and students to establish regulations and procedures for students.
  • Supervise and assist with the clean up of the lunch room. See that garbage is properly disposed.
  • Report student accidents immediately.
  • An accident report must be completed for each incident on the day the accident occurs.

Requirements: Dependable character. Ability to work with children and school personnel. Good health, permitting the individual to do light clean up chores that are associated with the job, such as cleaning desk and table tops, sweeping floors and placing garbage and refuse in containers. Must provide employer with test results of a chest X-ray or TB test.