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Job Description

Job Family Group:Know Your Customer

Job Family:Know Your Customer Operations

Job Purpose

Creates and/or updates client files to global standards, collects and monitors all relevant documents concerning the identity ofthe customer, as well as gaining insight into their business, ownership structure and financial transactions to protect ING and itscustomers through the execution of client due diligence in accordance with ING standards. If relevant, will ensure the sign-off andassessment of a client file as Know Your Customer Operations signatory, in line with relevant policy and procedures

  • 1st Line of Defense Risk Management - Take ownership on risk management and follow the appropriate procedures to assess and mitigate financial risk and non-financial risk while operating simple standardized business processes, in order to protect theorganization from undue risks. (Level 5)
  • Client & Customer Management (Internal) - Help senior colleagues manage internal client and customer relationships by using relevant sales or client systems. (Level 4)
  • Compliance - Identify shortcomings in compliance processes, systems and procedures, and develop ad hoc solutions toproblems within an assigned unit or discipline. (Level 4)
  • Data Collection and Analysis - Conduct research using primary data sources and select information needed for the analysis of key themesand trends. (Level 5)
  • Document Preparation - Edit document in line with organizational style guidelines and prepare information for publication. (Level 5)
  • Fraud Management - Deliver fraud prevention reporting and analysis for a designated area of operations, using financial crime/fraudprevention systems to identify instances, patterns, and trends of suspicious activity to enable the prevention of fraud, and enable the initiation of loss mitigations and fraud investigations. (Level 4)
  • Internal Communications - Help others get the most out of internal communications systems by offering support and advice. (Level 4)
  • Needs Assessment - Explore issues or needs, establishing potential causes and barriers as well as related issues. (Levl 5)
  • Policy Development & Implementation - Help develop procedures for an area of the organization, and monitor their implementation. (Level 5)
  • Recommendations - Advise others on how to design new processes and systems that meet professional standards. (Level 5)
  • Solutions Analysis - Analyze specific problems and issues to find the best solutions. Solutions could be technical or professional in nature. (Level 5)

  • Action Oriented - ATakes on new opportunities and tough challenges with a sense of urgency, high energy, and enthusiasm. Forexample, identifies what needs to be done and acts quickly. Shows optimism and enthusiasm that affectsothers positively. Works independently, but knows when to ask for help. (Level 2)
  • Communicates Effectively - Develops and delivers multi-mode communications that convey a clear understanding of the unique needs of different audiences. For example, listens attentively and takes an interest. Keeps others well informed conveys information clearly, concisely, and professionally when speaking or writing. (Level 1)
  • Customer Focus - Builds strong customer relationships and delivers customer-centric solutions. For example, digs deeply intocustomer feedback and drives the innovations that can enable the organization to better meet customers future needs. Frequently adjusts approach to ensure customer needs are met and to improve service. (Level 3)
  • Decision Quality - Makes good and timely decisions that keep the organization moving forward. For example, knows when to act independently and when to escalate issues. Integrates various inputs, decision criteria, and trade-offs to make effective decisions. Typically makes good independent decisions. (Level 2)
  • Ensures Accountability - Holds self and others accountable to meet commitments. For example, accepts responsibility for own work,both successes and failures. Handles fair share and does not make excuses for problems. Usually meets commitments to others. (Level 3)
  • Instills Trust - Gains the confidence and trust of others through honesty, integrity, and authenticity. For example,demonstrates integrity, upholding professional codes of conduct. Instills trust by following through onagreements and commitments despite competing priorities and by being honest and straightforward. (Level 2)
  • Manages Complexity - Makes sense of complex, high quantity, and sometimes contradictory information to effectively solveproblems. For example, asks questions to encourage others to think differently and enrich their analyses of complex situations. Accurately defines the key elements of complex, ambiguous situations. (Level 3)
  • Optimizes Work Processes - Knows the most effective and efficient processes to get things done, with a focus on continuous improvement.For example, uses metrics and benchmarks to monitor accuracy and quality. Takes steps to make methodse productive and efficient. Promptly and effectively addresses process breakdowns. (Level 3)
  • Plans and Aligns - Plans and prioritizes work to meet commitments aligned with organizational goals. For example, outlines clearplans that put actions in a logical sequence conveys some time frames. Aligns own work with relevant workgroups. Takes some steps to reduce bottlenecks and speed up the work. (Level 3)

  • Action Planning - Works without supervision and provides technical guidance when required on developing appropriate plans or performing necessary actions based on recommendations and requirements. (Level 2)
  • Computer Skills - Independently supports business processes with comprehensive understanding and effective use of standardoffice equipment and standard software packages, while also providing guidance and training to others. (Level 3)
  • Customer-Focused Approach - Works without supervision and provides technical guidance when required to orient the seller's organizationaround delivering to the key needs of their customers. (Level 3)
  • Data Collection and Analysis - Works without supervision and provides technical guidance when required on analyzing data trends for use in reports to help guide decision making. (Level 3)
  • Data Control - Works without supervision and provides technical guidance when required on acquiring, organizing, protectingand processing data to fulfill business objectives. (Level 3)
  • In-Depth Questioning - Works without supervision and provides technical guidance when required to explore the depth and breadth ofa problem, draw out the implications of not changing, and help clients self-discover and articulate the value of a solution. (Level 3)
  • Numerical Skills - Uses a comprehensive understanding of numerical concepts to perform mathematical operations such asreport analysis independently while providing guidance and training to others. (Level 3)
  • Planning and Organizing - Works without supervision and provides technical guidance when required on planning, organizing, prioritizingand overseeing activities to efficiently meet business objectives. (Level 3)
  • Policy and procedures - Works without supervision and provides technical guidance when required on developing, monitoring,interpreting and understanding policies and procedures, while making sure they match organizational strategies and objectives.(Level 3)
  • Policy and Regulation - Works without supervision and provides technical guidance when required on interpreting and applyingknowledge of laws, regulations and policies in area of expertise. (Level 3)
  • Questions Strategically - Works without supervision and provides technical guidance when required to uncover clients explicit needsand/or unforeseen opportunities and challenges. (Level 3)
  • Verbal Communication - Applies comprehensive knowledge to act independently while providing guidance and training to others onusing clear and effective verbal communications skills to express ideas, request actions and formulate plans or policies. (Level 3)

ING Business Shared Services (IBSS) Manila started in 2013 in the Philippines and provides global support services for ING Bank in areas such as financial markets, lending services, client due diligence/on boarding activities, risk management, retail operations, and IT. We are located at the World Plaza building in Bonifacio Global City, Taguig City