ITSM Tools Support Specialist

3-5 years
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Job Description

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What will you do

An ITSM Tools Support Specialist is a role that involves managing and maintaining the configuration items (CIs) that are required to deliver IT services. The ITSM Tools Support Specialist is also responsible for ensuring that the changes to the CIs are controlled and tracked.

Here are the key things you will do to bring ideas to life.

  • Configuration Management Planning: Develop and implement a comprehensive configuration management plan that outlines processes, procedures, and standards.

  • CI Identification: Identify and define configuration items within the IT environment, such as hardware, software, documentation, and their relationships.

  • Change Control: Manage and control changes to CIs, including requesting, evaluating, and authorizing changes.

  • Configuration Status Accounting: Maintain accurate records of the state and history of CIs, including versions, changes, and current configurations.

  • CI Verification and Audit: Regularly verify and audit configurations to ensure compliance with standards and policies.

  • Release and Deployment Management: Coordinate and oversee the release and deployment of new configurations and changes into the production environment.

  • Incident and Problem Management: Assist in diagnosing and resolving incidents and problems related to configuration issues

What can you bring to the team

You Will Also Need The Following

Firstly, strong sense of responsibility, flexibility, and adaptability to varying request. Demonstrated ability to analyse business requirements and deliver solutions in collaboration with business stakeholders to meet deadlines.

  • 3+ years relevant experience

  • Experience in IT Asset Management Life-cycle processes (including hardware and software)

  • Knowledge of scripting languages (e.g., Python, PowerShell) to automate configuration tasks, understanding of databases and SQL for managing configuration data

  • Risk Management: Identifying and mitigating risks associated with configuration changes to maintain system stability.

    Documentation: Proficiency in documenting configuration items, changes, and procedures.

  • Process Management: The ability to design, implement, and improve configuration management processes.

  • Security Awareness: Knowledge of security best practices to ensure the integrity and confidentiality of configuration data.

    Continuous Improvement: A commitment to continuous improvement in configuration management practices and tools

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IT Asset Management Life-cycle processes
configuration management processes
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We've re-imagined engineering. Aurecon is an engineering and infrastructure advisory company, but not as you know it! Think engineering. Think again. Find out more here .