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Investment Manager

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NEOM Investment Office



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NEOM is a new vision of what the future could be. It's an attempt to do something that's never been done before, and it's coming at a time when the world needs fresh thinking and new solutions. NEOM will not only be a destination, but a home for people who dream big and who want to be part of building a new model for sustainable living. NEOM will be a hub for innovation, where established global businesses and emerging players can research, incubate, and commercialize groundbreaking technologies to accelerate human progress.



Office (NIO)

The NEOM Investment Office (NIO) serves as the representative body responsible for mobilizing investment capital, uncovering business possibilities for both public and private collaboration, and cultivating partnerships that will sculpt the future landscape of NEOM. Led by the Chief Investment Officer, the NIO encompasses a multifaceted team that devises and implements the investment strategies and partnerships that maximize both the commercial impact and the overall progressive development of NEOM.

Role Brief

As a Manager within the NIO team, you will play a pivotal role in realizing NEOM Investment Office's strategic objectives. This dynamic role positions you at the nexus of strategic alliance-building, partnership cultivation, joint venture development, private capital engagement, and strategic investments. You will have the unique opportunity to collaborate with a diverse range of internal & external stakeholders, to build significant value and drive impactful results for NEOM.


Responsibilities & Key Duties

  • Joint Venture Development: Identify and cultivate potential partnerships aligned with NEOM's goals. Conduct comprehensive research, evaluate strategic fit, and develop financial models to support the formation of successful joint ventures. Collaborate with internal teams to ensure seamless integration and implementation of these alliances.
  • Strategic Investments: Identify, evaluate, and pursue investments that serve to enhance NEOM's objectives. Conduct comprehensive research, develop financial models, and collaborate with internal teams to ensure strategic fit/ alignment.
  • Capital Engagement: Foster relationships with potential investors, prepare persuasive investment materials, and effectively communicate NEOM's value proposition. This includes attending investor meetings and industry events, leading fundraising rounds, and continuously updating investors on NEOM's progress.
  • Stakeholders Management: Collaborate closely with internal teams and external entities to obtain relevant insights, steer initiatives, and uncover opportunities. Additionally, take the lead in overseeing and guiding advisors contracted to champion NEOM's strategic objectives.
  • Junior Talent Development. Take responsibility for the mentorship and professional development of junior team members. This includes providing training sessions, guiding them through complex projects, offering constructive feedback, and facilitating their growth within the organization.
  • Delivery Excellence: Ensure consistent excellence across all deliverables. Proactively seek opportunities to amplify the effectiveness of the NIO team and implement its best practices.

Key Duties

  • Project Oversight & Quality Control: Champion projects aligned with NIO's goals while prioritizing team synergy and clear communication. Track milestones closely and anticipate potential risks to ensure projects advance efficiently.
  • Strategic Communication: Exhibit excellence in crafting succinct, compelling presentations and reports that distil complex data into digestible insights. This encompasses the design of impactful visual narratives that engage and inspire stakeholders, catalyzing informed decision-making through visual storytelling.
  • Financial Analysis and Modeling: Demonstrate excellence in comprehensive financial analysis, analytics, and modeling. This includes executing comprehensive financial analysis to evaluate potential investments and partnerships. Conduct rigorous due diligence, forecasting, valuation, and risk assessment. Communicate the outcomes of these analyses through well-structured models and visually compelling presentations.
  • Commercial Due Diligence Lead the process of conducting thorough research and assessments for commercial due diligence. Take charge of analyzing market trends, industry dynamics, economic indicators, and other pertinent factors to generate practical and valuable insights for potential ventures, partnerships, and investments.
  • Partnership & Investor Relations: Cultivate and nurture relationships with strategic partners, investors, and key stakeholders. Engage in regular communication, coordinate partnership efforts, and present compelling proposals to attract potential investors and stakeholders.
  • Deal Structuring: Employ creativity and analytical prowess to scrutinize a spectrum of structuring possibilities, considering various partnership formations, capital raising methods, and project financing options. Tailor the ideal structure/partnership approach for each unique opportunity, guided by the overarching vision of the NIO office.

Background, Qualifications & Fundamental Characteristics

Background & Qualifications

  • Ideally 6-8 years of cumulative professional experience
  • Minimum of 5 years experience in Corporate Finance, Corporate Strategy, Business Development, Investment Banking, Private Equity, Venture Capital, or Management Consulting.
  • Candidates with backgrounds in global or regional blue-chip companies are preferred.
  • Bachelor's degree minimum, with an MBA or other Advanced Degree(s) considered beneficial but not mandatory.
  • Professional certification related to Finance/ Accounting (e.g., CFA, CAIA, CMA, CPA) advantageous but not mandatory

Fundamental Characteristics

  • Expert Financial Modeling: The candidate should possess advanced skills in financial modeling, including proficiency in complex financial analysis, forecasting, and valuation. This expertise is crucial for evaluating potential investments and partnerships accurately.
  • Exceptional PowerPoint and Visual Storytelling : The candidate should possess advanced skills in creating compelling and impactful presentations that effectively communicate complex data and insights to various stakeholders.
  • Analytical Excellence and Creative Problem-Solving: This position calls for a pronounced analytical mindset with a proficiency in investigating information, extracting insights, and formulating informed, data-driven decisions. A strong affinity for creative problem-solving is also crucial, particularly when exploring novel strategies for forging partnerships, securing capital, and funding projects.
  • Patience & Adaptability: The NIO team operates in a fast-paced and continuously evolving environment with high demands and challenging timelines. The candidate must demonstrate both patience and adaptability to thrive in this dynamic setting. The ability to navigate uncertainties, embrace change, and adjust strategies as needed will be crucial for realizing success.
  • Gravitas & Influence: This role requires continuous engagement with senior stakeholders, making exceptional interpersonal skills a necessity. The ability to manifest gravitas and exert influence with a broad spectrum of senior executives will be pivotal to success in this role.




  • Chief Investment Officer
  • Sector heads
  • Directors / Executive Directors
  • Own Team and other teams across NEOM
  • External (Global & Regional) partners
  • Potential investors and affiliates
  • Government stakeholders






Creative Problem-Solving
Analytical Excellence
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