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Job Description

Job Description

Unleash Your Potential: Elevate Your Career in Customer Sales Satisfaction!

Are you ready to embark on an exciting journey that combines global opportunities with an international position, all without leaving your home country As a Customer Sales Satisfaction Agent, you'll experience the thrill of connecting with customers while enjoying a range of enticing perks that redefine what it means to work in customer service. Picture yourself as the bridge between our client's cutting-edge automotive recycling services and the needs of our client.

Beyond the everyday tasks, this role offers a unique proposition: a global position that doesn't require you to pack your bags. You'll interact with customers from around the world, gaining insights into different cultures and perspectives without ever leaving the comfort of your own country. Elevate your career journey with us and contribute to an automotive landscape that champions innovation, sustainability, and positive change.

Whom you'll work with:

Our client, a trailblazing force in the automotive recycling industry, stands as a beacon of positive change. With a resolute mission to reduce waste and pollution, they've proudly recycled over 95% of received vehicles, leaving an indelible mark on the environment. Their commitment reaches beyond recycling - they actively support local projects and organizations, exemplifying a dedication to community upliftment. Organized yards, an extensive parts selection, and competitive pricing showcase their devotion to customer satisfaction. By joining our client's team, you become a part of an impactful movement that not only transforms the automotive landscape but also fosters a better world for all.

Job Description

As a Customer Sales Satisfaction Agent, you will be the driving force behind delivering exceptional customer experiences. You'll evaluate customer issues and provide actionable solutions to ensure their satisfaction and loyalty. Your role involves actively engaging with customers, educating them about upcoming events and promotions, and collecting and providing pertinent information to drive retail traffic to our stores.

Employment type: Full-time
Shift: Night Shift (Shifting) Monday-Sunday to operations 8AM-7PM EST
Work Setup: Onsite, Ortigas

What do you need to succeed

  • Commitment to delivering friendly, helpful, and professional customer service.
  • Experience in customer service positions.
  • Familiarity with remote call center environments.
  • Ability to work efficiently with attention to detail.
  • Proficiency in navigating mobile devices and Microsoft Office.
  • High-speed internet access and at least one HD monitor at home.
  • Multitasking capabilities.
  • Proficient in English.

Preferred Qualifications:

  • Basic knowledge of auto parts.
  • Bilingual in Spanish.

What awaits you in this role

  • Perform daily tasks with a positive attitude and a focus on core company values.
  • Answer customer service calls during scheduled shifts.
  • Engage with customers to provide friendly and professional service.
  • Evaluate customer issues and offer actionable solutions for satisfaction.
  • Drive retail traffic by sharing requested information with customers.
  • Educate customers about upcoming events and promotions.
  • Meet personal and team performance goals, participating in regular check-ins.
  • Adhere to Company Playbook, following policies, safety guidelines, and SOPs.
  • Learn new skills, support teammates, and complete tasks as directed.

Why choose us

  • Competitive Package
  • Day 1 HMO
  • Prime office location
  • Standard government and Emapta benefits
  • Well-equipped, modern, and accessible offices
  • Fun engagement activities for employees
  • Mentorship and exposure to global leaders and teams

Who are we

Discover a world of possibilities at Emapta, where your career takes flight in stability and growth. Join a team that thrives on camaraderie, supporting each other to achieve excellence together. Experience the satisfaction of being recognized for your contributions with competitive compensation packages that reflect your skills and commitment. Immerse yourself in a positive work culture that encourages collaboration, innovation, and personal development. We provide you with the platform for your success, empowering you to reach new heights in a supportive and inclusive environment.

With a wide roster of international clients from various industries and a proven track record of success, Emapta offers a stable foundation for . Team up with like-minded professionals who are passionate about making a meaningful impact through premium global opportunities at your fingertips. Apply now and create a better future with us.





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Emapta is a leading offshore staffing and outsourcing company in the Philippines. Providing BPO services to clients from the US, AU and other countries.