Client Experience Account Manager

2-3 years
8 days ago 1 Applied
Job Description

  • Create monthly client reports based on performance and climate check of staff.
  • Regularly coordinate with the client regarding the status of the offshore team
  • Implement policies, deadlines and standards set by the client
  • Create, maintain and administer schedules for outsourced staff, in coordination with the client.
  • Develop of reports/process that increase the ability of the offshore project to effectively and accurately plan acceptable performance results
  • Billing
  • Draft monthly costs that will be billed to each client.
  • Validate client invoice drafts on a monthly basis.
  • Client Satisfaction and Engagement
  • Spearhead meetings with clients to determine their plans for their offshore staff.
  • Coordinate with the client for team expansion and sourcing needs
  • Other Client-related tasks
  • Create/draft agreements for client owned or leased equipment.
  • Monitor and prepare important documents like the MSA and SOW.
  • Promote MicroSourcing and Microcreatives services
  • MicroSourcing-related tasks:
  • Plan and facilitate employee engagement activities for the project staff
  • Working closely with OM in updating the Client profiles when needed (i.e. Hiring tracks, Cost Sheet, Project Extension Contracts)
  • Prepare and maintain statistical reports used in management decision-making - particularly attendance reports and trends, schedule adherence and other reports that may be useful in operations planning and management
  • Create requests in changing or updating employment terms of staff.
  • Draft training agreements for project/team indicating the performance metrics, evaluation and escalation of infractions, and coordinate with HR for the approval of the document
  • Attend monthly operations meeting to discuss vertical updates.
  • MicroStatus management - Keeping track of account diaries, documents, and account info sheets, etc.
  • File server management.
  • Coordinate with the Recruitment team for team expansion/replacement of project employee, IT to meet service level agreements, HR for government-related requirements and concerns, etc.



client reports
employee engagement activities
training agreements
government-related requirements
file server management
attendance reports
client invoice drafts
account diaries
climate check
outsourced staff

Founded in 2006, we pioneered a new way of offshoring. This model involves setting up an overseas division of your company and getting a local specialist to handle facilities, IT, labor laws, recruitment and HR, while you retain control over quality and productivity. Today, we&#8217&#x3B;re still one of the largest and most experienced offshoring providers in the Philippines, with 400+ active clients and 6,000+ employees. We operate within purpose-built, class-A facilities that are strategically located for access to Manila&#8217&#x3B;s most talented people. We&#8217&#x3B;re backed by our Australian parent company, Probe and we&#8217&#x3B;re ISO certified.

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