Business Analyst - Management Consulting (Business Research & Strategy)

0-2 years
13 days ago
Job Description

Job Highlight:

Business Analyst at Nomura Research Institute Manila (NRI) on full-time employment.

About NRI:

Nomura Research Institute (NRI) is the largest Management Consulting firm in Japan, offering consulting and thinktank services over a wide range of private sectors globally and government agencies in the formulation of strategies, reforms and implementing policies. NRI Manila is one of the NRI's regional offices in South-East Asia, with a strong focus on market research, market entry strategy planning and industry research & advisory services.

Job Summary:

Starting your career as a Business Analyst in Research & Strategy Management Consulting firm: NRI, you will have greater opportunities to be assigned to various active cases / projects in which you will work together with our teams to solve challenging problems of our clients. This provides you with a broad exposure to various research & strategy consulting projects. You can excitingly expect that your every day will be different while you experience through many different cases, situations, scenarios all in projects you are assigned to, and tackle different challenges in various industries. As a Business Analyst, you will develop not only your analytical, structural and creative thinking skills, but also professional communication skills together to build your foundation and catapult your career into something greater.

Working Relationships:

This position reports to a Section Head in NRI Manila and you will also have your mentor. You will have opportunities to work directly with not only the mentor, but also project manager, project leader, or any other working colleagues collaboratively while taking your own active initiatives.

Job Descriptions:

  • Work on current / new management consulting projects related to research & strategy development and take charge of distinct workstreams of the projects.
  • Identify business solution strategies by consolidating information sources, conducting interviews, performing detailed analysis and translate into actionable insights.
  • Synthesize your findings and present to key project stakeholders.
  • May assist to prepare business development materials to follow up on the project pipelines.


  • Degree with academic excellence in any business related degree or major.
  • Candidates with no to entry level experience is welcome.
  • Internships experience in research or consulting industry may be advantageous.
  • Experience in hypothesis-based research related consulting project may be advantageous.
  • Excellent written and verbal communication skills to be working closely in project teams.
  • Strong critical thinking and analytic capabilities.
  • Self-motivated & independent. Know how to take own initiatives.
  • Solid proficiency in Microsoft Office (Word, Excel, PowerPoint)


This is a place where great people meet great people and in a great company. When great meets great, the synergy and energy can even create the new social paradigms our mission. We truly believe in our capability to provide value with our clients to achieve their business goals.

When your work is your mission, your work is not only fun but also offers a great deal of personal growth you will be given to gain through challenges.

Join us! Be a part of NRI to make our great company even better.

We look forward to your application.