Assistant Quality Assurance and Quality Control Manager

5-7 years
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Job Description

General Duties

General Duties

Detailed Duties

1. Reports directly to QMBT- QAQC Manager regarding all matters pertaining to quality of project.
2. Supervises the Quality Assurance & Quality Control section of the External Construction Management team.
3. Evaluates the CQC plan, inspection and Test Plan ITP), and Method Statement (MS) submitted by the External Construction Management (ECM) if !n parallel with SMDC's PQP and lTP.
4. Attends all pre-bid and other related meetings as required such as site management meeting, design meeting, project management meeting, turnover meeting, kick-off meeting among others, wherein the quality requirements of the project shall be closely coordinated.
5. Reviews and studies approved drawings (FCD, RFls, RFAs, SI, CB, Al, etc.) and specifications.
6. Inspects mock-up units, together with external consultants representative/s and project site team.
7. Validates the readiness of common areas accepted by the ECM prior to endorsement for acceptance of GPMC.
8. Validates corrective and preventive actions on issued Quality Observation Reports (AOHs) and Non-Compliance Reports NCRs) based on methodologies approved by the External Consultants.
9. Checks on the handling/archiving of documents/records by the External Construction Management.
10. Facilitates Developmental Quality Program DAP) activities and regular skill enhancement for site personnel geared towards continuous learning and enhancement of the team.
11. Ensures sufficient provision for QMBT site office for new projects.
12. May conduct plant visits and recommend supplier's / contractor's capabilities in complying with the standards and requirements of the project/s.
13. Timely reports concern and relevant incidents on site to QAIQC Manager.
14. Performs other duties that maybe assigned by immediate superiors and management.

0n Materials
15. Reviews Materials inspection Reports (MlRs) on delivered materials (OSM and materials supplied by Contractors) approved/accepted by the ECM
16. Conducts inspection on handling of materials especially those supplied by the Owner in accordance with the agreed matrix of inspection responsibility
17. Prepares and issues corresponding reports based on verification inspection on site
18. Monitors timely closeout of issued observations reports.

On Work Activity

1. Checks/verifies Work lnspection Reports WlRs) approved by the ECM
2. Conducts inspection of work activities on-site for compliance with approved plans and specifications in accordance with the agreed matrix of inspection responsibility.
3. Prepares and issues corresponding repons based on verification/inspection on sile.
4. Monitors timely close-out of Non-Conformance Reports (NCRs).
5. Conducts regular project site audit/inspection.

Professional Eligibility

Preferably board exam passer, with a valid PRC License


1. Preferably board exam passer, with a valid PRC License.
2. With strong leadership, diplomatic and motivational skills including the ability to lead up., across and down multiple business and technology organizations.
3. With proven ability to work creatively and analytically in a problem-solving environment demonstrating teamwork, innovation and excellence, preferably as former team leader, or under a managerial capacity.
4. With excellent leadership, communication written, oral and presentation facilitation and interpersonal skills.
5. Self-motivated, decisive, and with the ability to adapt to change and competing demands.
6. intermediate level of proficiency with MS Project, Excel, PowerPoint and SharePoint with experience presenting to stakeholders
7. With experience in working both independently and in a team-oriented, collaborative environment.
8. Flexible, and with proven ability to conform to shifting priorities, demands and timelines through analytical and problem-solving capabilities.
11. Must be able to learn, understand and apply new technologies.
12. Must be able to support diverse and inclusive work environment.
13. Must be focused, driven and can work under pressure.
14. Must possess strong planning organizing, and controlling skills, and with effective project management and systems development know how and skills.


Must be a graduate of Engineering or Architecture or its equivalent from a reputable college or university


Preferably with at least 5 years of extensive work experience under QA/QC and/or related to construction engineering from a reputable property developer, real estate or contractor


For assignment to new project --- Jade Residences, Makati.


The QMBT- QAQC Assistant Manager checks and verifies compliance of materials and work activities with the approved plans, specifications, and other contract documents in reference to the inspection reports submitted by the External Construction Management ECM) and validated through on-site inspections and all other related tasks performed therein.

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