Anti-Fraud Investigation Officer

3-5 years
21 days ago
Job Description


Anti-Fraud Investigation Officer plays a crucial role in uncovering and resolving fraud cases within the Bank. Conducts fair and thorough investigations, collecting compelling evidence, and providing actionable insights to support the Bank's efforts in preventing and deterring fraudulent activities.


Receives and Evaluates Fraud Reports: Reviews and assesses reports of suspected fraudulent activities

submitted by employees, customers, or other stakeholders. Determines the credibility and significance

of the reports, and prioritizes them based on the severity and potential impact of the alleged fraud.

Conducts Investigations: Performs detailed investigations into suspected fraud cases, following

established protocols and procedures. Gathers evidence, conducts interviews with relevant individuals,

reviews documentation and financial records, and analyzes data to uncover fraudulent activities,

identifies responsible parties, and determines the extent of the fraud.

Forensic Analysis: Utilizes forensic tools and techniques to examine electronic evidence, such as

computer systems, email communications, transaction records, and other digital artifacts. Conducts

forensic analysis to trace the origin and flow of funds, identifies manipulation or alteration of data, and

uncovers hidden or deleted information relevant to the fraud investigation.

Document Findings: Documents and maintains a comprehensive record of the investigation process,

including all relevant evidence, interviews, analysis, and conclusions. Prepares detailed investigation

reports that outline the findings, supporting evidence, and recommended actions to be taken.

Collaboration and Coordination: Collaborates with internal stakeholders, including legal, human

resources, compliance, and management teams, to gather information, seek guidance, and ensure

alignment with organizational policies and procedures. Coordinates with external parties, such as law

enforcement agencies, regulatory bodies, or external auditors, as required by the nature and severity of

the fraud case.

Legal and Disciplinary Actions: Provides support and assistance to legal counsel in preparing legal cases

against perpetrators of fraud. Presents investigative findings and evidence during legal proceedings and

disciplinary actions. Assists in the recovery of stolen assets and participates in restitution efforts, if


Fraud Prevention Recommendations: Identifies weaknesses in internal controls, policies, and

procedures that may have contributed to the occurrence of the fraud. Makes recommendations for

improving fraud prevention measures and implementing corrective actions to mitigate the risk of future

fraud incidents.

Training and Awareness: Assists in developing and delivering fraud awareness and prevention training

programs to employees. Educates staff members about common fraud schemes, red flags to look out

for, reporting channels, and their role in preventing and detecting fraud.

Compliance and Ethics: Ensures that all investigations and related activities comply with legal and

regulatory requirements, as well as ethical standards. Upholds confidentiality and data privacy

standards during the investigation process.

Continuous Learning and Professional Development: Stays up-to-date with the latest fraud detection

techniques, emerging fraud schemes, and technological advancements in the field of anti-fraud

investigations. Continuously enhances professional knowledge and skills through training, certifications,

and networking with other industry professionals.

Performs all other duties and responsibilities as may be assigned by immediate TM from time to time





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