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Job Description

We design, build and deliver end-to-end CX for many of the world's most respected digital-born and vertical leading brands. Our comprehensive east-to-west global footprint in 31 countries across five continents, with 60,000+ people and 60 languages, means we can deliver flexible solutions that harness our unique expertise in cultural nuance - essential for true excellence in CX. We have deep domain expertise in tech-augmented front-to-back-office CX. Plus Digital Consumer Engagement, CX Consulting, and an innovative suite of Proprietary Digital Solutions for industry verticals. We are a Global Leader in Content Services, Trust & Safety. The real Majorel difference lies in our culture of entrepreneurship. We are relentless, resourceful, resilient and agile - all pulling together as One Team. It's the only way to deliver the total reliability and digital transformation necessary in our constantly changing world.

Company Summary:

Majorel supports clients all over the world to successfully shape their customer relationships. More than 48,000 employees in 28 countries design and implement customized solutions for this purpose. We create amazing customer experiences that people value and we are proud of. By combining talent, data, and technology, we deliver real impact for our partners. Today's rapidly changing world is sometimes challenging for service delivery But with our spirit of true entrepreneurship, adaptability and our drive to go further, we view it as an opportunity to innovate by getting the best from people and technology. We constantly strive for the best. We know that doing so is pursuing a moving target. It takes full commitment to go the extra mile. Mutual respect and trust is the hallmark of every successful business, and it's the same at Majorel. We know that challenges are met and ambitions achieved through teamwork: not only amongst our colleagues, but in partnership with our clients too.

Position Summary:

The Workforce Supervisor is responsible for overall management & direction and motivation of the workforce Analysts and SMEs. Ensures client/customer goals are met by analyzing work volume variances to forecast and provide direction to adjust scheduling/staffing levels accordingly. Monitors service levels and directs real-time forecasting to meet service levels. Provides advice to management on the most efficient and cost-effective strategies to deliver on service level agreements. Explore and innovate the solutions to make the organization a leader in the domain of customer service. Support, design train and innovate the solutions for WFM team to make their job easy and efficient.

Overall Responsibilities:

  • Should be able to follow the vision, direction, and culture of the team by managing individuals and team's performance, expectation, goal, through KPIs and coaching the team to improvise and perform better than yesterday.
  • Manage team of 15 - 20 Workforce professionals for multiple sites/multiple accounts. Coach, Train and develop the pipeline for innovation and solution and help in identifying next generation leaders in WFM.
  • Act as a mediator between the team and leadership to echo the goal, vision, direction and strategy to team by listening and giving positive coaching to team for the success of individuals, groups and organization.
  • Maintain high level professionalism and act as role model for RTA, Scheduling, Planning, Forecasting and Reporting.
  • Able to perform in pressured situation and does not provide knee jerk reactions and solutions to business owners and leadership and set high standards for execution (preferably at 6-sigma level).
  • Monitor team's productivity and quality by auditing the work flow and communications.
  • Lead effectively with respect and always demonstrate through examples(shows how-to) and then delegates responsibly to respective function or individual within scope of WFM. Shows how-to and technical traits of WFM functions.
  • Manage Client expectations and represent self as WFM voice along with the team.
  • Backup the team and leadership and act as one in the absence of higher leadership. Also keep the teams motivation high by creating the positive environment while maintaining the competitive edge.
  • Always ready to teach and show how RTM, Scheduling, Planning, Reporting and forecasting should be done in an efficient manner. Should be a proven expert in either Data analytics, Automation or Data scientist field to lead effectively.
  • Create sophisticated presentation to visualize the business case through simple story and efficient data visualization.
  • Should poses the data visualization , data consolidation and dashboarding skill set.
  • Balance out the need of the leadership and employee expectations also identify opportunity to celebrate teams success and keep the employee always engaged positively.
  • Review, prepare and practice with team before the Ops, client meetings and WFM Leadership presentations to avoid any last min surprises or image breaker callouts.
  • Take accountability of failures/escalations and provide root cause analysis along with suggestions to fix them in a timely manner without pointing figures to internal/external functions. Avoid conflicts and keep the positive mindset to find solutions to every challenge.
  • Hold weekly coaching sessions, workshops and training sessions for WFM functions and specific account/functional process mapping.
  • A Critical thinker and execution expert to support the high-level planning for organization. Highly motivated team player and team supervisor who takes decisions for the organizations success and make sure that motivation is high during any change management.
  • Carry out mid-supervisory responsibilities in accordance with Majorel policies and procedures additional responsibilities include auditing, productivity and quality measurement, training and motivating employees planning, assigning and directing work rewarding and disciplining employees and effective conflict resolution. Effectively partner and build productive working relationships with direct reports, peers, leadership, and other departments.
  • Manage the career growth and development of the team by driving focus on Majorel Leadership Principles. Play a critical role in building management depth by providing guidance and mentorship to all levels of the team within the organizational unit.
  • Drive for flexibility and efficiency-related initiatives at the organization level and responsible for initiating best practice sharing at a global/regional level to Manage workflow, handle escalations, proactively engage resources to address issues and effectively delegate workload across the team to drive the creation of quality initiatives, process change initiatives, Lean/Kaizen activities, and other change/Six Sigma initiatives. Participate in business leadership (Managers and Directors) meetings, helping to develop and drive strategies and programs which improve the competitive position and profitability of the organization Work to build and maintain customer/stakeholder trust Solving complex customer support issues and proactively heading off negative service trends.
  • Demonstrate ability to working challenging situations and learn new things quickly also shows the positive attitude towards new learning and impress the team member with the leading footprints. Make difficult tradeoffs smoothly caused by new or changing business goals and/or resource reductions. Create successful experience in organization with demonstrated progressively increasing responsibility.
  • Excellent knowledge of statistical concepts and their application to organization along with expertise in the use of technical/statistical tools to drive quality and process improvement is strongly preferred. Advanced knowledge of Excel, strong presentation skills, and the ability to motivate and inspire large groups of people are a must. Project Management experience. Understanding of Lean and Six Sigma and a keen interest in and familiarity with technical systems.
  • Provide thought leadership by researching best practices, conducting experiments and staying abreast of latest trends in analytical and automation techniques such as machine learning, deep learning and text analytics to drive continuous innovative.
  • Create detailed document and training material and do oversee processes for extracting, analyzing and interpreting data to ensure that data integrity and accuracy prior to the development of analytical models.
  • Review thoroughly or create high level budgeting or client required deliverables without any scope of errors or re-work.
  • Knows how to use statistical techniques from predictive modeling, machine learning, and data mining that analyze current and historical facts to make predictions about future or otherwise unknown events.

Job Requirements:

  • 7-9 years call center experience
  • Minimum 2-4 years managing Workforce Operations in a call center environment
  • College Diploma or Bachelor's degree in Business, Finance, Management , Mathematics , Statistics , Computer Science or a related field.
  • Must have strong technical, project management, implementation and process improvement skills.
  • General business acumen, including reporting and analysis, presentation skills, and organizational abilities.
  • Able to travel as needed.
  • Knowledge of WFM tools like Aspect eWFM, Blue Pumpkin, Verint etc. preferred
  • Knowledge of SQL, Database and Power BI or any another online reporting tools and framework is must. Should be WFM Data Visualization expert and familiar with managing the large chunk of data to get the meaning full information for decision making.
  • Working knowledge with proficiency in RTM, Scheduling , Capacity Planning and forecasting with the experience of leading a team of WFM resources
  • Should have hands on experience of being able to generate Schedules/forecast/capacity for Process sizes ranging from 100-1000 FTEs and manage Scheduling for 300-500 FTEs
  • High level proficiency in Excel based forecasting, scheduling , capacity planning and RTA insights (using Erlang or other models)

Knowledge, Skills and Abilities:

  • Excellent analytical skills & attention to detail
  • Customer management exposure and good presentation skills is a must
  • Ability to lead calls with clients / other business function independently
  • Should have excellent client handling skills
  • Ability to handle pressure - Timelines and Customer Demands
  • Self-motivated and execution oriented
  • Team worker and should have people/peer management experience
  • Should be capable of handling lots of data in an efficient and effective manner.
  • LEAN/Six Sigma Trained, Tested & Certified preferably
  • In-depth understanding of the various call center metrics and their impact on each other
  • Excellent knowledge of Advanced Excel, Erlang models & Avaya CMS
  • Knowledge of Forecasting techniques would be an added advantage
  • Leads by example with High Value and Integrity
  • Excellent knowledge of workforce management systems, processes and
  • Thorough understanding of WFM tools and ACDs
  • Excellent knowledge of all phases of Workforce planning, Forecasting and Intra-day functions.
  • Expert knowledge and understanding of workforce planning programs and principles.
  • Strong analytical abilities to provide strategies based on historical and current data.
  • The ability to work with management teams to ensure clear goals regarding service level agreements.
  • Training and certification with forecasting / scheduling and related software packages.
  • Proven ability to manage people, processes, and technology.
  • Strategic critical thinker and tactical implementer.
  • Experience in developing a workforce team in a call center site, while meeting all operational and financial objectives.
  • Superior written and verbal communication skills
  • Creativity/Innovation - Introduces creative ideas into own work uses personal freedom to develop and implement creative ideas and suggestions takes a creative approach to problems

Majorel Philippines Corp. is an Equal Opportunity Employer and believes that all persons are entitled to equal employment opportunity, and the Company does not discriminate against its qualified employees or applicants because of race,color,creed,religion,sex,gender,genderidentity,sexualorientation,maritalstatus,politicalaffiliation,union membership,nationalorigin,ancestry,citizenshipstatus,veteranstatus,age,physicalormentaldisability,genetic informationoranyotherstatusprotectedbyapplicablefederal,stateorlocallaw.Equalemploymentopportunity willbeextendedtoallpersonsinallaspectsoftheemployer-employeerelationship,includingrecruitment,hiring, upgrading, training, promotion, transfer, discipline, layoff, recall andtermination.




tactical implementer
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strategic critical thinker
financial objectives
workforce management systems
intra-day functions
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Majorel is an international service company,specializing in customer experience and business process outsourcing and more than 50,000 employees. It was formed in 2019 through the merger of the customer relationship management businesses of Bertelsmann and the Saham Group