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Why web engineering jobs are so hot right now

web engineering jobs in Philippines

It has only been in recent years that the Philippines has seen a boom in the need for web engineers. As the country’s business landscape expands and more companies enter the market with innovative products, the demand for these niche skills is quickly growing.

In a nutshell, web engineering is the design, development, testing and maintenance of web applications. So it’s similar to software engineering, but web engineering is focused specifically on programs that run online.

There are literally thousands of web engineering jobs in the Philippines right now. If you’re wondering why, wonder no more:

From junior school level right through to tertiary courses, schools are focusing more on a range of computer courses and programmes, offering an array of qualifications around computer science, IT, programming, web design, and web development. As the world shifts towards a more digital landscape – across a range of industries – schools offer full degrees as well as short courses to help talent boost their skills. If you’re already working but wanting to learn a new skill in this field, there are also many online programmes that give you flexibility.

Computer innovations and the Internet
Whether we are talking about social media platforms, websites, search engines, software, or a new computer tool, they all require the skills of web engineers to make sure the end products work well. Programmers are needed to make code come to life, quality assurance engineers are needed to find and fix bugs, and web engineers are in demand to ensure all of this works together and runs smoothly.

The rise of startups
Startups and small independent businesses are booming across the globe, with the aim of offering new and innovative products to targeted consumers or businesses. Much of this is technology-based, and so there is a need to develop, test, manage and maintain new software and programmes. In the competitive world of startups, it’s important the right people are hired to build their business, enabling them to give the best results, draw in customers and ensure an easy-to-use, seamless platform.

High compensation
Studying and truly understanding web engineering is not a walk in the park, but many venture into this field because it pays well. For fresh graduates, companies are willing to pay around PHP 20,000-30,000 a month for this job. According to PayScale, senior web developers can get up to PHP 50,000-60,000 monthly. For web engineers with specialisation (i.e. iOs developer, Java Developer) some offices offer PHP 70,000 and up.

Although the demand for web engineers is high, many companies are having a hard time recruiting talent with the right skill sets. So, if you’re thinking about heading down this career path, we say it’s a pretty safe bet.

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