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The top challenges in your First Job (and how to overcome them)

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Graduating and moving into the working life can be an exciting and daunting experience. But while trying to make the best impression, you might find encounter obstacles that can make reaching your career goal an uphill task.

Facing struggles in your first job isn’t uncommon, but not knowing how to properly deal with these challenges will lead to unhappiness, and drive you to quit your first job. In fact, in our latest study, we found that a whopping 42% of young Filipino talent leave their jobs in less than a year!

As it’s your first job, you should ensure that it becomes one of the best experiences in your working life. We’ve rounded up some of the top challenges faced by fresh grads in the Philippines, and some tips on how to deal with them:

Not knowing enough about your industry

Our study found that 41% of fresh graduates found it hard to cope with the actual work due to little or no prior work experience as well as insufficient industry knowledge.

If you’re unsure of where to start learning, here’s a trick: the news is your best friend. Reading news should no longer be an afterthought, but your day-to-day routine. This includes reading up on the latest industry happenings, trends and opinions. The topics may seem dry and difficult to digest at the very beginning, but you’ll be surprised by how handy this knowledge can be in office meetings and discussions with your superiors.

Not getting along with your superiors

Your professional relationship with your boss is critical to the work you do. But does it feel like you’re always, somehow, rubbing your boss the wrong way? No matter what you do, he/she never seems to be happy? You’re not alone, in fact, 32% of fresh grads in the Philippines feel the same way.

But if it’s affecting your morale and performance at work, and you’d really like to rectify the situation, it might be time to reach out to your superiors for a catch-up.

In your discussion, keep your points straightforward and professional, always pointing your reasons back to the interests of the company. Nobody is perfect and your boss is no exception, and not bringing this to their attention would be doing the company a disservice.

Feeling unprepared for adult life

A third of Filipino fresh grads found it hard to wave goodbye to many college habits, dreading to step into the working world. While adulting is hard, but it’s definitely not impossible.

With your workload and responsibilities piling up as the days pass, it’s easy to wish you were a student again. Give yourself some time to let this sink in, and start developing mature routines, such as going to bed earlier, and cutting down on the number of nights out – especially during the week.

You will thank yourself later for the additional breathing space. Don’t wear yourself out by sticking to your old lifestyle, causing a burnout later on.

Click here to view a complete breakdown of the findings across Southeast Asia.


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