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Didn’t get what you deserved? Learn from Manny Pacquiao’s fight

Manny Pacquiao
The fight against Jeff Horn was probably the most anticipated fight of the year. However, for all Manny Pacquiao fans, the fight had a bitter ending – not because he lost to Horn, but because a majority of boxing fans believed that Pacquiao should have won.

Pacquiao losing his WBO Welterweight title was a sobering decision. And for those who have been passed over for a promotion or a job they “deserved”, it can trigger a range of negative reactions.

What do you do if someone doesn’t recognise the quality of your work and the effort put you into something? How do you react if someone else earns all the praise that you deserve? Here’s what the boxing legend can teach you about handling rejection:

Don’t complain immediately

According to officials from his camp, Pacquiao skipped the post-fight press conference, as he had to get stitched up. This might have been true, but it is also very likely that he was simply angry. If you are denied something you believe you deserve, you probably don’t have anything positive to say – at least not right away.

No matter whether you are hot-tempered or not, if someone else has received your promotion, you probably don’t want to talk to your boss immediately. Keep your head down and get some distance from the action. After a major disappointment, you need some time to contemplate and sort your thoughts out.

Respect the decision

Manny Pacquiao is not only considered to be one of the greatest boxers ever, but he is also a respected politician. For a man of his stature, it wouldn’t seem appropriate to complain and demand his win. Being a trusted leader and respected personality way beyond the sports world, he accepted the decision – despite the fact that he disagreed with it.

Don’t be a whiny employee, demanding your promotion. Show that you can take a push without falling to the office floor. You need to acknowledge to yourself that you have lost out – be it deservedly or not. Accepting the decision will earn you respect in the office.

Second chances

Although Pacquiao has won more fights in his career than he has lost, he was always aware of the fact that it could happen anytime. For that reason, his contracts always include the possibility of a rematch – which means that this wasn’t the last time we saw Manny Pacquiao and Jeff Horn in the same ring. We all should get ready for the rematch.

Just because you didn’t get the promotion this time around, it doesn’t mean you will never get it. Don’t get depressed and act like a loser, but get back into the ring. You need to stay healthy, happy and motivated to achieve your goals. Try to be self-critical, analyse your own work and see where you can improve. Remember that if you are the better fighter/worker, you will eventually get what you deserve.

Be thankful

Immediately after the fight, Pacquiao thanked his supporters – not only in the Philippines but also around the world. Besides leading boxing figures, Pacquiao’s fans made the biggest noise after the fight, demanding justice for their hero. Before he did anything else, he addressed them, as he knows that they will be with him no matter if he wins or loses.

Despite you working really hard for your achievements, you need to always remember that you didn’t get here alone. Be it mentors, colleagues or your family, there are many people in your support system. When losing out on a promotion, you should remember to thank them for their support. After all, you will need it in the future too.

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