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Accountant Resume Format | Tips & Examples

A solid resume is necessary to stand out in the competitive accounting employment market. Your resume highlights your professional achievements and skills, so you must present yourself in the greatest light possible. Since there is a great need for accountants, a solid resume will help you secure your ideal position. 

This article will give you helpful advice on how to create a compelling resume summary, what should be on an accountant’s resume, and the best talents to succeed in the field.

What is an Accountant resume?

A resume for an accountant covers your previous employment history, educational background, and essential abilities for this field of work. With the help of your resume, potential employers can get to know you better, determine whether you’re qualified for the current position, and make an interview invitation. Based on your accounting resume, the hiring manager will get an initial impression of you, so you must come off as informed and self-assured.

How to Write an Accountant Resume For freshers?

Use these guidelines to help you write a resume so that your accounting abilities and expertise are properly highlighted:

Choose the right resume format

The reverse chronological resume structure is the most popular among accountants. It lists your employment experience in reverse chronological order, beginning with the position you held most recently. It is the most commonly used format for accountant resumes, which hiring managers can read and skim easily.

However, you might consider using a functional resume structure if you are changing careers or have little work experience. Your experience and abilities are highlighted instead of your employment history in this format.

Write a strong resume summary

Essentially, it is a synopsis of your qualifications, and your resume summary is what hiring managers will read first on your application. Ensure your summary is customised to the job you are applying for and highlights your most relevant experience and talents. An effective resume summary for an accountant may be found here:

Accountant with more than five years of expertise in auditing, tax preparation, and financial reporting. demonstrated capacity to oversee several projects at once and fulfil deadlines under duress. knowledge of tax legislation and GAAP accounting standards.

List your work experience

Include the employer’s name, your job title, and the dates of employment when you detail your work experience. You ought to enumerate your principal duties and achievements as well. Be careful to quantify your accomplishments whenever possible, and use powerful action verbs. 

For instance, state “Prepared financial statements for a $50 million company” rather than “Responsible for preparing financial statements.”

List your skills

Include a list of your skills on your resume in addition to your work experience. This is where you showcase your technical abilities, such as your grasp of accounting principles and ability to use accounting software. Also include a list of your soft skills, such as teamwork and communication.

Before submitting your resume, make sure it is well-checked for spelling and grammar mistakes. 

How to Format an Accountant Resume

Choose the appropriate format before you can showcase your accounting skills to the hiring manager.

Which resume format should you select?

The “reverse-chronological” format is the most popular, and we know why. It is simple to read and immediately highlights your strengths as an accountant to the hiring manager. 

The following resume formats can also work:

  • Functional Resume: This resume style is advised if your accounting knowledge outweighs your work experience. Additionally, it’s great if you’ve changed careers or have gaps in your employment history.
  • Combination Resume: This format combines the “Reverse chronological” and “Functional” formats. It, therefore, gives equal weight to work experience and talents. When a person has a lot of experience, they use a combo resume.

What to Include in an Accountant Resume: 

Some essential sections that should be mentioned in your Accountant Resume format, which will help you to attract the attention of employers: 

  • Contact Information 
  • Work Experience
  • Education qualification 
  • Technical and soft skills 
  • Main objective
  • Achievements
  • Languages known
  • Hobbies and Interests

Contact Information :

The main section of any accounting resume example is contact information. This is the fundamental information that should be presented in the Accountant Resume objective, as this is the only way potential employers will know how to contact you.

  • Name
  • Email address
  • Phone number

Work Experience :

Work experience plays a crucial role in getting a job. Employers want experienced candidates in their company to make their work easy. In 2021, people who have completed their internships in their preferred organisation and listed them in their Stellar Accounting Resume will have more chances to nab the job than other candidates.

Education Qualification : 

We must present the education details we completed with or without the percentages. However, we must show the year and other information to ensure transparency during the hiring process.

Every candidate has two different types of skills. They are Technical skills and General skills.

Technical Skills:

Technical skills that every Accountant job position candidate needs to be mentioned in their Accountant Resume format:

  • MS OFFICE suite
  • Accounting software like Tally, GST, etc.,
  • Accounting principles.
  • Quick Books
  • Budgeting
  • Prepare balance sheets based on the records.

General Skills : 

The general skills or core skills that need to be in an Accountant’s Resume are:

  • Time Management 
  •  Analytic and problem-solving skills
  •  Effective communication
  •  Critical thinking 
  • Adaptability  
  • Decision making

The above skills are basic and required for everyone who wants to apply for the position of Accountant in any business or organisation. Therefore, they should be added to the Accountant’s Resume first.

Objective / Career Objective :

This section shows your plans regarding your jobs and commitment to your work.

 There are two types of goals: short–term goals and long-term goals.

  • The short-term objective describes your one-year aim.
  • Long-term objective describes your goal for a 5 to 10-year period.

Achievements :

Any achievements related to your job or the awards and prizes you gained for participating.

Languages known and Hobbies:

We may show or exclude these additional details from the resume. However, adding them will increase the weight of the resume and help the employer learn more about you in detail.

Use Action Words to Make Your Accountant Resume POP!

These are a few words that are repeated in every single resume.

  • “Made”
  • “Worked”
  • “Managed”

Would you like your resume to stand out from the rest?

Next, employ these impactful words to highlight your accomplishments:

  • Conceptualised
  • Determined
  • Spearheaded
  • Formulated
  • Initiated

Accountant Resume Template

Here is a template that you may use to format your resume:


[Email address]

[Phone number]

Professional Summary

[Describe your professional experience, expertise and expectations in two to three sentences]

Work experience

[Job title]

[Company name] [location]

[Duration of employment mentioned with the first month and last month of working, along with the year]

[Details of projects, duties and responsibilities]
[Details of projects, duties and responsibilities]
[Details of projects, duties and responsibilities]


[Degree or Certification]
[Name of the institution] [location]
[Year of completing degree or certification]


[Technical competencies or soft skills]
[Technical competencies or soft skills]
[Technical competencies or soft skills]

Language proficiency

[Professional or working proficiency]

Sample Resumes that are used presently in the Job Market:

There are some Stellar Accounting Resume in 2021 templates that are widely used now-

Junior Accountant Resume:

If you are applying for a Junior Accountant position, you need to keep two things in mind:

  • Highlight your Internship details or any projects related to accounting.
  • Focus more on your education details.

Sample Accountant Resumes examples:

The sample Resume for the Junior Accountant position 


Staff Accountant Resume:

If your target is a staff Accountant position, then present the following points:

  • As a staff Accountant, the candidate’s work is based on record keeping, preparation of financial statements and tax-related issues,
  • The candidate should know about laws and regulations in the industry.

Accounting Resume Examples for Staff Accountant position:


Cost Accountant Resume:

If you want to become a Cost Accountant, then you should follow the following points:

  • You must have a specialised certificate in the Cost Accounting field. It will help you to land your dream job easily.
  • Proficient in accounting terms and laws.
  • Strong Budgeting skills.

Example for Cost Accountant Resume:


Senior Accountant Resume:

If you are applying for the post of Senior Accountant, then keep the following points in mind:

  • Highlight the past year’s experience in the accounting field.
  • Well-known about the laws, policies, regulations, and principles related to accounting.
  • Effectively communicate with others.

Proficient in accounting-related software and IT software like Oracle,  Financial analysis, etc.

Senior Accountant Resume Samples:


Accounting Manager Resume:

If you are applying for the position of Accounting Manager, ensure that you include the skills and points below in your Resume.

  • Knowledge about finance operations like financial analysis and financial modelling, and accounting knowledge.
  • Must be proficient in Excel sheet operations as Excel sheet plays a vital role in accounting.
  • Highlight the past experiences and achievements in other companies.

Sample Resume of Account Manager:


TAX Accountant Resume:

If you want to settle into a Tax Accountant position, then follow the below points:

  • Specialised in Tax related education.
  • Knowledge of tax reforms, tax filing software, etc.
  • Experience in auditing.

Tax Accounting Resume Examples


Certificate Courses for Accountants:

Some certificate courses add value to your Stellar Accounting Resume in 2021. They are:

  • Chartered Accountant
  • SAP
  • Tax  &GST compliance
  • Industrial Accounting
  • Financial Accounting
  • Cost Accounting
  • Auditing 
  • Certified Public Accountant
  • Certified Management Accountant
  • Certified Global Management Accountant

When you add them to your Accountant Resume objectives, these certificate courses quickly increase the value and percentage of getting Accountant jobs.

Tips for Writing a Great Accountant Resume Format:

These examples of an accounting resume will help you land your dream job without hesitation.

  • Check the accounting resume examples that are related to the accountant job position. 
  • Use professional templates while making the Resumes.
  • Don’t keep heavy and unrelated information in your Resume.
  • Just make them simple and highlight important sections like skills, experience, etc.
  • Give your complete contact information, including your area, zip code, country, etc.
  • Write the Resumes clearly and concisely.
  • Attach the required documents like cover letters and mark lists (if necessary).
  • Ensure your Resume is updated according to the job description.


Candidates should always check the recent templates when writing their Resumes. In Accounting, candidates need to check the updated software related to their career.

Moreover, candidates must understand the job description while applying because the candidate’s summary or objective might change according to the job position. Always attach the cover letter and required documents whenever you send or take the Resume.

Follow the necessary tips while writing the Accountant Resume objectives. It will increase the value of the Resume.

Be confident and clear whenever you attend the interview for the required position, and do your best to solve the problems stated during the interview.


Q1. What can be included in the Accountant Resume?

 Knowledge of business, software proficiency, accounting standards, data-based understanding, etc.

Q2. What skills are a bonus for an Accountant resume format?

Sharp business acumen, the ability to solve problems at a larger scale, the ability to meet deadlines, and the ability to make timely financial decisions, to name a few.

Q3. Will it take long to be an Accountant?

The degrees vary from country to country, but it usually takes about four years to complete the course fully.

Q4. How to make your resume stand out?

Using keywords related to the subject is always best. The email ID should be proper, and the subject should be thoroughly known.

Q5. Is proficiency in Maths required for Accounting?

Accounting uses basic maths. But it requires attention to detail, ease with software, logic and good interaction skills.

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